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🌱 Local group brings Christmas spirit + fire department donations

Hello everyone from Albuquerque! Erica Zenn here with her Monday Albuquerque Daily.

First the weather today:

Will be cloudy. High: 48 Low: 34.

Here are the top stories of today in Albuquerque:

  1. A local group brought the Christmas cheer to the streets of Albuquerque on Saturday night by serving hot meals to those in need. The ministry “God’s Misfitz” is regularly on duty in the southeast of Albuquerque and supplies the homeless with clothing, hygiene products, dog food and other relief supplies. (KRQE News 13)
  2. Thanks to local residents, Bernalillo County’s firefighters enjoy freshly baked goods this Christmas. For the past few days, parishioners have stopped by the station to hand out cookies, cupcakes, candy, and fruit. Administrative staff and union representatives also contributed. (KOAT New Mexico)
  3. Local food banks say many are affected by food insecurity as a result of the pandemic. As the holiday season started, thousands came forward to ask for help just to bring food to the table. (KRQE News 13)

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  • The ABQ BioPark recently opened Thorn. announced, her three year old elephant calf, lost his battle against Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpes Virus (EEHV). Since the virus was first detected in Thorn’s blood values ​​on December 15, the BioPark’s animal care team has been offering treatments around the clock. (Instagram)
  • It is a holiday tradition that the Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society gets a visit from Barbara and Steve, who adopted their dog Lucky (formerly Disco) from the shelter a few years ago. (Facebook)
  • River of Lights is open again this evening through December 30th. Visit www.riveroflights.org for time-limited ticket availability! (Instagram)

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Okay, you’re all caught up for today. I’ll catch up with you brightly and early in the morning with your next update!

Erica Zenn

About Me: Erica Zenn is a Masters in Applied Psychology at the University of Southern California and is originally from Chapel Hill, NC. With a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University, Erica is a seasoned oral and written communicator with extensive experience in corporate employee engagement and customer experience. Erica loves community building and loves using her writing and communication skills to bring people together.

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