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3 steal from Albuquerque Lowe’s, 2 arrested

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – Police are looking for a man they say helped two other people shoplift from a store in northwest Albuquerque. Officers say Anthony Smith is still on the run after, they say he helped Selene Romero and Jeremiah Snowden steal from the Lowe’s near Alameda Boulevard.

Albuquerque police arrest 12-year-old and his uncle for armed robbery

An employee says the three walked in together and headed straight to the locked cages. Surveillance video shows a man, identified as Anthony Smith, using bolt cutters to get in the cages.

The other two suspects, Romero and Snowden, load nearly $2,000 worth of merchandise into a cart. The trio then walked out together.

Romero and Snowden were arrested shortly after. Police are still looking for Smith.

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