Ledes from the Land of Enchantment

8 cars stolen from Albuquerque dealership

“About half of the cars are gone and I know we were hit,” said Henry.

Henry says the thieves got in through a hole in the roof after failing to get through the back door.

“They turned off the internet, they turned off the surveillance equipment. They definitely knew what they were doing, ”said Henry.

He says the crooks took surveillance equipment along with the footage. The cameras were covered with sticky notes.

But that’s not all, about 8 cars were stolen and by December 28th two of them had been recovered.

While the thieves may have taken some cars, they left some clues on one of the cars that were recovered in a residential area.

“They left a receipt for McDonald’s up the sleeve of that door. They had breakfast at 8:18 am right after the attack, ”said Henry.

In the surveillance footage of McDonald’s on Eubank and Candelaria, a white car can be seen driving to the driveway with a brief glance from the driver.

Though some cars are still missing, that doesn’t stop Henry from doing what he’s doing for the community.

“We’re going to shake that off and move on to something bigger and better because this is your show.”

Henry runs his own cooking show in the dealership – there he gives away cars. And the theft didn’t prevent that

“Thank goodness they left the studio intact. We decided to continue the show and deliver the jeep to Phoenix that same weekend, even though we were overwhelmed with eight missing cars. “

Henry hopes the thieves will be caught and plans to put more security in place in his shop.

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