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92 NM National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalists Announced

Courtesy of the National Merit Scholarship Program

The National Merit Scholarship Program recently released its list for 2022 of 16,000 semi-finalists, including 92 from New Mexico from high schools across the state, including those in Taos, Las Vegas, Las Cruces, Cimarron, Artesia, Ruidoso, Albuquerque, and Santa Fe Los Alamos.

bright spotOrganizers said in a press release that these academically gifted high school graduates will be competing for approximately 7,500 National Merit Scholarships, valued at nearly $ 30 million, to be offered next spring.

About 95% of the semi-finalists tend to reach finalist rank and about half of them will receive a scholarship, the organizers said.

More information is available at www.nationalmerit.org.

The New Mexico semi-finalists, their schools, are listed in reverse alphabetical order by location:

• From the Taos Academy’s Charter School: Molz, Elliot R.

• From the Santa Fe Preparatory School: Bas, Joaquin F .; Boyle, Sarah C .; Brislawn, Reilly R .; and Voinescu, Isabel S.

• From Santa Fe High School: Novak, Tobin S.

• From the Academy for Technology and the Classics in Santa Fe: Hagele, Samuel E.

• From East Mountain High School, Sandia Park: Amon, Aubrey E.

• Homeschooling in Ruidoso: Martinez, Xavier.

• From Rio Rancho High School: Pelowitz, Rebecca L. and Skousen, Rebecca C.

• Homeschooling in Rio Rancho: Martin, Ainsley.

• From V. Sue Cleveland High School in Rio Rancho: Kuper, Kirsten A.

• From The Ask Academy in Rio Rancho: Bautista, Timothy-James G.

• From Los Alamos High School: Collins, Andrew R .; Corliss, Andrew C .; Gao, Jennie W .; Huang, Cinyoung; Ionkov, Phillip L .; Koo, Olivia N .; Osburn, Kathryn M .; Philipp, Aaron M .; Ronning, Kamaya D .; and Strauss, Robert R.

• Armand Hammer United World College in Las Vegas, New Mexico; Root, Sophia L.

• From Centennial High School, Las Cruces: Borah, Arnabh; Collins, Jade N .; Lahiri, Nishka: and Owens, Lauren.

• From Arrowhead Park Early College High School, Las Cruces: Aswad, Fateh;

Camunez, Arabella E .; and Simmons, Zephyr A.

• From Farmington High School: Nguyen, Ethan D. and Pomeroy, Ryan J.

• From Deming Early College High School: Escareno, Estrella.

• From Cloudcroft High School: Pan, Sophie X.

• From Cimarron High School: Holm, Tor J.

• From Carlsbad High School: Antiporda, Riley P.

• From Artesia High School: Simer, Carley M.

• From St. Pius High School, Albuquerque: Kim, Leo.

• From the Southwest Secondary Learning Center: Oliphant, Adam G.

• From Sandia Prep: Delyser, Ramona P.

• From Sandia High School: Miller, Annette I.

• From La Cueva High School: Andreas, Pascal R .; Chalamala, Rahul; Jayaweera, Milidu N .; Jones, Francesca B .; Kim, Andrew; Koirala, prashamsa; Kuang, Oliver L .; Landau, Elan Z .; Li, Henry; Niu, Derrick T .; Outkin, Yana A .; Soicher, Hanan J .; Sumali, Mario F .; Vignogna-Browne, Emilia; Willhite, Benjamin A .; Xiong, Janie; Xiong, Jenny; Yes, Melody F .; and Yoo, Brandon.

• From Manzano High School: Parrish, Mason C.

• From the Oak Grove Classical Academy: Irvine, Annika K.

• Taught at home: Fahrrad, Anna M.

• From the Explore Academy Charter School: Nitti, Brooke M.

• From Eldorado High School: Paas, Ainsley A. and Watson, Joseph R.

• From the Early College Academy: Christison, Pierce O. and Davidson, Savannah L.

• From College and Carrer High School: Adams, Zoey Michel E. and Cunningham, Alyssa L.

• From the Bosque School: Morelli, Aldo F.

• From the Albuquerque Institute for Mathematics and Science: Chinala, Ashwin R .; and Sanchez, Jenna A.

• From Albuquerque High School: Maynes-Pointon, Alexander S .; Parnall, Malcolm; Perce, Kaya A .; and Smith, Anastasia.

• From the Albuquerque Academy: Aubin, Christopher L .; Bryce, Portia J .; Bueno, Timothy A .; Carey, Amanda C .; Ennis, Quinn W .; Fu, David J .; Johnson, Devan; McIndoo, Evelyn J .; Mohoric, Nicholas W .; Patel, Reeya A .; Perez, Sara I .; Richards, Daniel W .; Wolinski, Sofia J.

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