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A letter to Imran Khan

DEAR PRIME MINISTER OF PAKISTAN, I HOPE YOU ARE GOOD HEALTH – I am writing this letter because of the economic challenges your country is facing combined with ubiquitous security threats, natural disasters and political instability.

Despite the extraordinary challenges you have faced, I know that all objective observers know that you have given your best and proven yourself to everyone who doubted you.

The real reason I am writing to you is not to praise you when you deserve all the praise, nor do I want to praise Pakistan for being the best country in the world. I am writing this letter because I want you to permanently solve the educational problem.

Let me explain more clearly …

Education in the west fails despite what your critics may tell you, just go to downtown America, places like Detroit, New York City, and so on. But even these aren’t the worst places to raise a child – there are far worse places to raise a child, according to research. For example, Fairbanks, Alaska is considered the worst place in America to raise a child, according to USA Today. Another place considered the worst place by the same newspaper from another year is Farmington, New Mexico.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg, the educational standards are not even the best in Europe or America, but in countries like South Korea, Singapore, China and Japan.

We really need to stop pretending that everyone in the West is either an investment banker at Goldman Sachs or a theoretical physicist at Oxford University.

This way of thinking is pure fantasy, the average person struggles with drug addiction, social isolation and mental health problems even in the richest countries in the western world like Great Britain.

The massive income and wealth inequality afflicting the Asian world is an integral part of life in the West.

Nobel laureate in economics, Joseph Stiglitz, wrote about the clear fact that modern Western education no longer guarantees jobs due to massive economic inequality and corruption in countries like America.

In addition, the education system in the West is corrupt because the poorest are forced to go to state schools.

According to an analysis carried out by Statista, the United States of America appears several times as the most violent cities in the world. In addition, all cities with the highest crime rate are western and Pakistan does not appear once!

The United States had the second highest number of gunfire deaths in 2019 and half of all gun deaths in 2016.

Although Europe is considered the economically equal of all places – I have not yet seen a single investment banker or auditor with a bourgeois or working class background. They may exist, but they are less common than a two-headed mermaid to be found in the Indian Ocean.

The education system in Pakistan should be abolished because it is expensive, inefficient and worthless. Better to go for a self-study program of reading, writing, and math at home from free online videos and resources.

If the education system is failing young people in Europe, how can it help impoverished Pakistan, where teachers never come to class and students are constantly beaten with belts and sticks?

Zalghi Khan

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