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Aggies Eclipse 100 points, power behind American Indian College

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12/30/2021 | 6 p.m.


THE CROSSES The New Mexico state women’s basketball team finished the game with a plus-40 in the rebound column when they sailed past the Warriors at SAGU American Indian College at 110-40 on Tuesday afternoon.

After the Aggies had taken the lead in the opening quarter with 7:53, the Aggies only distanced themselves with the second largest victory lead in the history of the program.

Bigue Sarr was more than dominant in the suit as she finished off the field with a career high of 30 points to 15 of 16 and pulled down 10 rebounds to end with her third double-double of the season. Sylena Peterson and Fama Thiam also hit career highs with both Guardians scooping 19 points in the competition.

Shania Harper also jumped off the boxing score when she emerged from the game just two points from a double-double finish with eight points and a game high of 12 rebounds.


With the Aggies missing two of their top-4 goalscorers, Bigue Sarr came with the intention of scoring the ball when she scored 10 of the Aggies’ first 22 points to open the quarter. Sarr’s Paint presence set the tone for the remainder of the game as the Aggies outnumbered the Warriors with 62-20 in the Painted Zone that afternoon. Soufia Inoussa also played a huge role in building an early lead as she scored seven early points on a 17-0 aggie run to build a 22-5 lead at the 3:55 mark in the first quarter. Five points from Kayla Watkins towards the end of the period helped the Aggies achieve their highest total for the first quarter of this season when they went into the second quarter at 31-8.


The Aggies stayed on the gas in the second quarter when Jade Bradley and Janessa Johnson underlined a 13-point run for the Aggies with three points to extend the lead to 48:14 with 4:11 before the game in the first half. After scoring 12 points in the first quarter, Sarr added another 10 to her points line in the second quarter, including four in a row, to give NM State a 36 point lead, leaving 1:41 in the period. A steal from Kayla Watkins who turned into a layup from Fama Thiam on the other end gave the Aggies a 59-20 lead to close in half.


American Indian College showed some off-break fighting as they scored the opening points of the second half and then traded baskets with the Aggies in the first three minutes of the third quarter to come in 26-62 at 6:42. NM State returned to the driver’s seat when they scored 12 unanswered points, with six points coming from the hands of Sylena Peterson. Peterson also scored the last five points of the period to finish on 11 points in the third quarter, giving the Aggies an 89-21 lead reaching the fourth quarter.


Peterson continued to scorch the net as she opened the fourth quarter with a three from the right wing on an assist from Moe Shida. The following four points came from Fama Thiam when she threw down a free throw before sinking a three to start an 11-point scoring streak for the Aggies. Janessa Johnson also scored five of her eight total points during the run, giving the Aggies a 95-32 lead with 6:21 remaining. NM State then quickly hit the mark of the century when Shania Harper hit 100-36 after an offensive board. Three consecutive threes from Thiam finally helped the Aggies to 110 total points. On Tuesday, NM State scored more than 100 points for the first time since November 26, 2018, when they beat northern New Mexico at 101: 51. This is also the highest score for the Aggies since shooting down West New Mexico, 115-37 on December 12, 1987.

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