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Albuquerque author tackles life’s challenges in new poetry book

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – An Albuquerque writer is celebrating the release of her first publication titled, “Born From Fire.” The new book is a compilation of poetry, with several pieces centered around difficult to discuss topics from the author’s past. The author, Charleen Richey (Charli) says she wrote the book in pursuit of closure from past, personal struggles, hoping to open new doors in her life.

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In a recent interview with KRQE News 13’s David Romero, Richey explained how starting around the age of 17, drug use led her down a troubled path. Richey says she eventually made a “complete 180” in her life, thanks to family and friends who “didn’t give up” on her.

“Them not giving up on me allowed me to open up new doors and start making small steps to becoming a different person,” Richey said. While Richey says the book is an effort for personal closure, she also hopes it helps others.

“I want other people to know that they’re not alone,” Richey said. “We all deal with things that we’re scared to admit, we’re scared to own up to and take responsibility or accountability for.”

Richey says the book covers topics including sexual abuse, drug use, college, adoption and other topics. “It’s basically a poetic cliff note of my life that I’m hoping will help reach out to others and help make a difference in their life.”

“Born From Fire” is available to purchase online at retailers including Barnes & Noble and Walmart.

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