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Albuquerque batting cage vandalized two days in a row

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – A batting cage business in the South Valley is cleaning up an expensive mess left behind by thieves. On most days at The Batter’s Edge, ye can hear the whiz of the pitching machine and the crack of the bat. “It’s the only entertainment for miles,” said Joe Archuleta, an employee at The Batters Edge. On Monday, the property at Sunset Rd. and Jeanette Ave. what quiet

Duo behind bars accused of Albuquerque barbershop burglary

Archuleta and his coworker Ahdony Routheni, say thieves and vandals are to blame. On Thursday night, someone cut the power to their business and broke in through a hole in the stucco.

“This person came in, busted open a wall, busted through our bathroom, and broke all of the piping,” said Routheni. “When we came in the whole place was flooded, the tiles were raised up because there was so much sewage,” Routheni explained.

They say the burglar took off with a computer, about $100, a dozen bats and some tokens. To add insult to injury, Archuleta says vandals hit their business again on Saturday night cutting the power a second time and making it impossible for them to open on Sunday.

They say they lose hundreds of dollars every day they can’t open, and it’s upsetting that someone is taking from a small business that provides safe, clean, fun for kids in the community. “To think that somebody would violate their own neighborhood, their own community a part of their own city, just to get what they think they deserve,” said Routheni.

PNM restored power to business this afternoon, so they’re back open. They say it will take at least a month to repair the damage to the bathrooms, until then they will have porta-potties on the property.

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