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Albuquerque foster parents facing child abuse charges

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – Two Albuquerque foster parents are accused of abusing three children in their care. Sara Millsaps and Morgan Cleary are both charged with child abuse after the three kids all reported separately that they were being subjected to corporal punishment.

According to court documents, police responded to a home near Central Louisiana on Mar. 4 after the abuse allegations surfaced. The officer spoke with the Children Youth and Family department caseworker and found out that the kids told her that they were getting beaten by their foster parents.

One child said that Cleary would quote “beat the living f*** out of her” once she was officially adopted by Cleary and Millsaps. The child also said that Millsaps allowed someone else in the home, who is not identified, to hit the kids for not cleaning up the house or their rooms.

A doctor examined one of the children who did have bruising consistent with the allegations. CYFD says they are investigating this as a case of corporal punishment which according to the agency, violates their foster parent guidelines. CYFD says they train foster parents not to use any form of corporal punishment especially since so many kids enter state care already being abused.

KRQE News 13 asked CYFD how long these children were in Cleary and Millsaps’s care and how long the two have been registered by the state to be foster parents. The agency said they could not disclose that information.

CYFD says the three kids are safe and in the care of someone else within the department. Cleary and Millsaps have been summoned to court next month.

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