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Albuquerque restaurant inspections for April 25, 2022


GREEN: No violations, or minor violations corrected on-site.

YELLOW: Some violations that may or may not have been corrected on-site; some corrective action required, but no required downgrade or closure.

RED: Major violations that presented an imminent hazard and required an immediate downgrade or closure.

DOWNGRADE: The restaurant has not yet been required to close immediately, but the public should only eat there at their own risk.

CLOSURE: Immediate closure. A corrective action plan with a mandatory compliance timeline, and a reopening inspection will be required.


Childco, 3901 San Mateo NE (April 5)

St. Mark’s in the Valley, 2913 Commercial NE (April 7)

Albuquerque Nursery, 1423 Wyoming NE (April 6)

Health Haven, 1619 San Mateo NE (April 4)

Hannett House, 4720 Hannett NE (April 4)

Albuquerque Marriott, 2101 Louisiana NE (April 8)

Slate Street Cafe, 515 Slate NW (April 8)

DH Lescombes Winery, 901 Rio Grande NW (April 7)

Standard Diner, 320 Central SE (April 7)

Dollar General, 4910 Lomas NE (April 8)

Circle K, 6300 Central SE (April 8)

Freddy’s Frozen Custard, 6240 Paseo Del Norte NE (April 5)

Zendo, 413 Second SW (April 4)

Denny’s, 1620 Towne Center SE (April 4)

999 Seafood Supermarket Inc., 5315 Gibson SE (April 8)

Twisters Burgers and Burritos, 9358 Eagle Ranch NW (April 4)

Bangkok Bite, 8246 Menaul NE (April 5)

Taqueria Y Heladeria El Cotorrow, 111 Carlisle NE (April 6)

Paleta Bar, 2325 San Pedro NE (April 6)

1st Class Learning Center, 5111 Homestead NW (April 5)

Hampton Inn, 2300 Carlisle NE (April 4)

Julie’s Burritos, 1725 Broadway SE (April 6)

Church’s Chicken, 2937 San Mateo NE (April 6)

Sixty Six Acres, 2400 12th NW (April 7)

Cheba Hut, 3700 Ellison NW (April 5)

Blaze Pizza, 6600 Menaul NE (April 4)

Taqueria Mexicana, 415 Lomas NE (April 6)

Papa John’s, 8201 Golf Course NW (April 5)

Central Desert Behavioral Health Hospital, 1525 N Renaissance NE (April 4)

JPZ Concessions, 6600 Menaul NE (April 7)

Slow Burn Coffee Limited, 821 Mountain NW (April 5)

McDonald’s, 8501 Golf Course NW (April 5)

Wyoming Readiness Center, 600 Wyoming NE (April 8)

Tully’s Market & Deli, 1425 San Mateo NE (April 5)

Newsoul Learning Center, 1512 Wyoming NE (April 7)


None listed.


Two Cranes Bistro and Brew, 901 Rio Grande NW (April 5).


Observed spoiled, unsafe, adulterated food such as filet mignon with dark gray color; observed raw meats stored above ready-to-eat foods in walk-in cooler; observed ice cream stored inside reach-in freezer next to walk-in cooler with no lid or top and spoon stored in container uncovered and unprotected; observed creme brulee on sheet pan stored on top of trash can; observed no quat or chlorine sanitizer available in kitchen; observed ice machine in bar area with substantial amount of pink slime mold-like substance inside unit dispensing area; observed cooked meat stored in container with lid on in walk-in cooler temping at 63 degrees F; observed sanitizer and glass cleaner stored next to condiments, single-use plastic cups and utensils; observed Nyquil stored above facility foods in walk-in cooler; observed hand sanitizer stored next to food items such as spices and peanut butter; observed no probe thermometer available; observed no evidence of licensed pest control services; observed substantial amount of ice and frost build-up in reach-in freezer in kitchen and reach-in freezer in bar area; observed employee wearing bracelet while preparing food in the kitchen; observed employee working with hair ineffectively restrained; observed employee wipe knife used to cut steak with dry wiping cloth, then left on counter top after use; observed towels being stored in kitchen on top of make station and throughout kitchen area; observed improper drinks stored on prep table; observed lemonade pitcher and lemonade glass stored above charcuterie board; observed food storage containers stored away with food label still on container; observed mop sink floor drain missing; observed drain cover in back bar area; observed employee drinking lemonade in kitchen area, employee stated his throat was hurting really bad and was drinking lemonade in kitchen area to help with the pain; observed substantial amount of debris build-up under kitchen equipment and walls in kitchen area; observed wet mop stored in mop sink area; observed substantial amount of debris build-up on a/c vents in kitchen area; observed employee switching gloves without washing hands; observed employee removing taquitos from fryer basket with bare hands; observed no paper towels available in paper towel dispenser in men’s restroom.

Passed follow-up inspection April 7.

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