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Albuquerque sees increase of crashes investigated as homicides

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Drivers in northwest Albuquerque were caught off guard by caution tape Saturday morning, because police were investigating what they first believed to be a car crash.

But then, Albuquerque police say they found the driver of that crash already dead from gun shot injuries.

APD first got the call Saturday morning around 5 am The driver crashed on Montaño near the Rio Grande river.

Police are now investigating what they thought was just a car crash as a homicide. But, this isn’t the first time a car crash has turned into a homicide callout.

Back in May, just a few miles away at a Speedway near Coors and Montaño, a man was shot as he was driving away from the gas station.

According to the criminal complaint, Andres Orona shot the man as he was driving away for shoplifting.

Police later found that car near 12th and Montaño when the driver crashed.

Orona was arrested and charged with aggravated battery.

And on Halloween night, residents near Tingley Beach saw a head on collision.

“A bunch of other people they take off the street and everything like that, too. We’d heard some like really worried screaming stuff like that. I was really worried. I’m just like all my friends well beings and stuff like that just because you know it’s Halloween night, we’re supposed to be having fun stuff like that. We’re young, but you know, stuff like this happens a lot, and it’s really scary to think about,” said Noah Howard, lives across the street from the scene.

APD later said one driver, Mateo Lopez, was shot while he was driving by Sebastian Ocana. Lopez later died.

Ocana was arrested and charged with murder.

Finally, just last week, APD responded to a call of a car that crashed into a home on San Pedro and Copper.

Police say they found a man shot to death in the car.

No arrests have been made yet in this case.

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