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Albuquerque woman arrested for 4th DWI in 2 years

After she was arrested, the report claims 42-year-old Jennifer Whitey asked the deputy if he was single and then reportedly told him that if he gave her a break, she would do anything he wanted. When that didn’t work, she tried to escape from the sheriff’s station after asking to go to the bathroom.

This resulted in her being charged not only with the DWI, but also with bribing an officer and attempting to escape custody.

This is her fourth arrest in two years. During these previous arrests, police said they found several open bottles of beer and liquor in her car. In one of the arrests, the results of her alcohol test were returned with twice the legal limit.

But when you look at the results of these cases, online court records show that there really was no penalty for these cases. Reasons include the officials’ failure to appear in court, prosecutors dismissed charges, and in one case the charges were never brought back.

While that seems shocking, Mothers Against Drunk Driving’s Lindsey Valdez says it happens all too often.

“When we hear situations like this it is very clear that something is not working and we have the criminal justice system a reason to draw conclusions. We need to understand every time someone makes this decision on the street that they are hurting innocent people. “Said Valdez.

Whitey will stand before a judge on Monday.

Since, according to police, she has already been convicted of DWI three times, this would be a felony incident.

Police said the same thing, according to a 2020 criminal complaint. And again, court records show that there were no consequences.

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