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Albuquerque woman tries to get away with DWI

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – An Albuquerque woman is facing DWI charges. Jolena Cornfield is accused of driving drunk and crashing her car, but a friend tries to take the blame.

Just before Christmas, a Jeep hit a median and got stuck on Jefferson near Osuna. By the time a deputy arrived, there was no one inside. Two women and a young girl were walking nearby, but denied seeing anyone. A witness told the deputy he saw them get out of the car. When questioned by the deputy, Cornfield says they were just walking out the dog; but the deputy doesn’t buy it.

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Cornfield was drunk. The first woman, who was never charged, was willing to take the fall for the 42-year-old Cornfield, but witnesses tell deputies again the women are not telling the truth, saying Cornfield was the one driving. Cornfield refused a field sobriety test, but at the station she blew a .34, four times the legal limit. Deputies say they also found four empty shooter bottles in her purse.

The friend who lied and tried to take the fall, which was released from custody later that day. Cornfield’s daughter was picked up from the scene by a family member. Cornfield is pleading not guilty and has a hearing scheduled for March.

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