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Albuquerque’s Best Goods – The Paper.

Published October 5th, 2022 at 5:35 pm

Retail therapy rules ABQ! We’ve got a heck of a lot of unique shops and stores where we can spend those hard-earned dollars. From essentials to needless luxuries – if you can name it, some enterprising Burqueño is ready to sell it to you.

The economy is in a tough spot right now and shoppers are looking to get the best bang for their buck. Luckily, our readers know a good deal when they see one and they were happy to clue us in on the best places to spend our cash.

So beat the holiday rush now. Go on a city spending spree with this list of Albuquerque’s best goods.

Best International Grocery Store

Are you looking for flavors that will take you on romantic adventures through exotic lands? Then there’s no better place to dock than Talin Market World Food Fare. This international grocery store has everything you need to prepare your favorite foreign food as well as rare treats you won’t find anywhere else in town.

  1. Talin Market World Food Fare
  2. Cafe Istanbul
  3. Tully’s

Best Furniture Store

Albuquerque loves to sit, and there’s no better place to find a good seat than locally-owned American Home Furniture & Mattress. With great prices and a massive showroom, you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect new bed, couch or dining set for your home.

  1. American Home Furniture & Mattress
  2. baillos

Best Flower Shop

Having trouble choosing the perfect gift? Why don’t you head on down to People’s Flowers and choose from a variety of stylish flower arrangements and gourmet food and fruit baskets? People have special gifts suitable for any occasion or recipient. Warm their hearts with the natural gift of flowers!

  1. People’s Flowers
  2. Mauldin Flowers
  3. Mustard Seed Flowers

Best Jewelry Store

Find the perfect accessory at Ooh! Ah! Jewelry. This classic Nob Hill shop features some of the most unique jewelry you’ll ever find, and it’s made right here in New Mexico. This shop specializes in custom designs and bridal concepts that are bound to make you sparkle.

  1. Ooh! Ah!
  2. Desert Rose
  3. Chela Gurnee Jewelry

Best Plant Nursery

New Mexico has one of the best environments for growing plants, even though it’s mostly desert. Our readers’ favorite place to buy green babies is Osuna Nursery. It has a great selection of indoor and outdoor plants as well as being one of the chillest places to hang in the city.

  1. Osuna Nursery
  2. Jericho Nursery
  3. Rehm’s
  4. Plants of the Southwest

Best Antique Store

Nostalgia is big these days, and no place delivers that oldtime experience like Antiques and Things. This shop is filled with trinkets, tchotchkes, antiques and furniture from 75 vendors. Explore thousands of square feet in a historic former Route 66 five and dime and search for that perfect ancient treasure.

  1. Antiques and Things
  2. PAWS Thrift Shop
  3. grapevine

Best Book Store

If you’ve ever wanted to go twice as high as a butterfly in the sky, you might consider taking a look at Page One. Its great selection and excellent customer service led our readers to vote it the best place in town to get your read on. Before you go online, how about supporting one of the few remaining locally owned book stores?

  1. Page One
  2. BookWorks
  3. Organic Books

Best Comic Book Store

Dweeb’s rejoice! Comics are cool again—for the very first time! That’s right, true believers, four-color fantasies have finally become fodder for big-budget films, and that means that superheroes are no longer just for nerds. Scratch your nerd itch at Astro Zombiesone of the city’s most recognizable comic shops.

  1. Astro Zombies
  2. red planet

Best Thrift Store

Get thrifty for the recession by visiting Thrift Town. Find that special, one-of-a-kind gift for your family member or loved one without having to break the bank or immolate your wallet. This place has a huge selection of used and loved items that you won’t find anywhere else.

  1. Thrift Town
  2. PAWS Thrift Shop

Best Bicycle Shop

Albuquerque’s cyclist community is a strong one and because of that, we’ve ended up with some great bike shops. But the Bike Coop’s Commitment to service and its more than 40-year run as a hub for the community makes it the city’s favorite. Ride in for repairs, rentals and parts.

  1. Bike Coop
  2. Trek
  3. Two Wheel Drive

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