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Albuquerque’s International Trauma Therapist releases groundbreaking book helping people overcome emotional and psychological pain.

As reviewed by Elizabeth TaylorFormer Literary Editor of The Chicago Tribune and current Co-Editor of The National Book Review: “Blythe Landry understands the range of traumas experiences that haunt so many people, regardless of their differences — they share the reality that their lives are shaped by some form of trauma. Landry explores childhood trauma, of course, but she extends the notion of trauma beyond childhood. She explains a range of trauma, that one wouldn’t anticipate, ranging from medical trauma to workplace trauma. In lucid prose and with a warm, open tone, Landry not only explains the far-reaching effects of trauma, but she also explores wise and practical ways to determine tools to respond to the echoes of trauma that too often undermine one’s life. A generous, wise book for anyone eager to live a fulfilled life — and a remarkably pleasant, enlightening reading experience.”

Trauma intelligence is more than being trauma informed. It is engaging in empathetic thought, dialogue, and relationships. It is also about improving our personal and professional lives and learning a system for responding effectively to unfortunate circumstances.

Trauma Intelligence is suitable for any organization and individuals.

Blythe Landry is a LCSW, M.Ed. with over 20 years of experience working with individuals, teams and large-scale organizations (Fortune 5) to address trauma, grief or addictions. She is also a seasoned speaker and presenter and the founder of “Trauma Intelligence Training.”

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