Ledes from the Land of Enchantment

An out-of-state couple warn others after an Albuquerque hotel was broken into

They arrived around midnight and were planning to leave at 6am so didn’t bother to unload their car.

“We wanted to be in and out as quickly as possible. My wife is very vigilant about ‘hey, put things away, take things in, lock the doors’ and stuff like that, and we just didn’t expect that,” Ricky said.

The car was locked and in a well-lit place, but when they woke up the next morning, everything inside was gone. Including clothing, jewelry and a set of golf clubs.

Luckily, the thief didn’t steal her car, but he stole everything in it, and some of those belongings are irreplaceable.

“But it’s really the things you can’t replace. She had some hard drives with pictures and other things, and if those things got returned somehow, it would be a miracle,” Ricky said.

They believe the thief broke in by cloning their key fob – as they neither smashed a window nor forced entry.

“It was shocking to walk up to the car where there were other cars around us and see it wiped completely clean,” said Sylvia.

They credit the police with a quick response and thorough investigation. They hope to get some of their belongings back, but also want to warn others.

“We just want to raise awareness because we want people to be alert, hey you know, be aware of your surroundings and also because you just never know the difficulties we faced yesterday. By not being on time to get to our appointment, here on the phone and they take more than just the products,” said Sylvia.

“We’re still going to stop in Albuquerque, but we’re going to take our stuff home,” Ricky said.

The couple hopes insurance will cover the damage. In the meantime, they hope someone will get in touch and return their belongings.

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