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At least 1 hospital stay following gunfire in downtown Las Cruces


LAS CRUCES, New Mexico – Witnesses said at least one person was injured late on Saturday night when multiple shots were fired in the heart of downtown Las Cruces.

The gunshots came just before midnight in a busy downtown nightlife with bars and clubs busy as Pride Week ended.

Police cordoned off a large crime scene on Water Street and Griggs Avenue west of White’s Music Box when a helicopter flew through the area.

“There were seven to ten shots and everyone looked at each other to see if they were fireworks or actual shots,” said Robert Palacios, who was in a fundraiser at the Amador, when the shots were fired.

“An ambulance and police flew down the street,” said Palacios, who filmed a video in the moments after the gunfight he provided to ABC-7. “The ambulance had already transported someone. The officers marked the scene and put up evidence.”

A Las Cruces police spokesman was unable to immediately provide details of the shootings, but said authorities would release more information sometime on Sunday.

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