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BioPark employees receive Mental Health Day

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – No question about it, the last year and a half have been a challenge for everyone. Because of this, Albuquerque BioPark has decided to give its employees a break to focus on their mental health.

The employees of the BioPark worked through the pandemic and focused on the safety of their animals and guests. The BioPark will be closed on Tuesday so that employees can take a moment to reset. Fortunately, a BioPark spokesman said no one was laid off because of the pandemic, but now that guests are back seven days a week, these employees need a break.

“The whole goal is that our employees are there for our guests and plants and animals and our facilities and have worked so hard that we really wanted a time in which they could concentrate on themselves and the closure of the BioPark was the best way to do this. “ABQ BioPark Guest Experience Manager, Allyson Tame.

Approximately 180 employees take the day off Tuesday to interact and connect with one another through focused activities like yoga, meditation, and learning how to reduce work-related stress. It was an especially difficult time for the zookeepers at the primate show after bacteria infected several of the animals and killed four beloved primates. Zahm says that the benefits of focusing on mental health for the BioPark employees will ultimately also reach the zoo visitors.

“I think it’s important that employers can do this because your employees give so much every day and it’s really important to give them back, and I think our employees can do even more for the community once they get started being able to do something for yourself once, ”says Zahm.

Employees will continue to be paid for the Tuesday staff enrichment day made possible by a private donor. The Tuesday closure includes the zoo, botanical garden and aquarium. Tingley Beach will continue to be open to the public.

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