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Black Friday shoppers get ready

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – It’s a revival year for restaurants and retailers in New Mexico that closed last Thanksgiving during a two-week pandemic “reset”. On Thanksgiving day, people said it felt good to be closer to normal and do some early personal Christmas shopping.

Black Friday is back. At Cabela’s, shoppers started early on Thanksgiving Day.

“I usually go shopping on Black Friday, which I actually like to do. But I didn’t really plan this year, but I found a deal and decided to come, ”said Diana Provencio, a Thanksgiving Day shopper in Albuquerque.

“We’re going to look for a few things. We don’t need anything special, but we love this place, that’s why we are here, ”said Gabby Vasquez, another Thanksgiving Day shopper in Albuquerque.

Cabela’s was one of the few major retailers that was open on Thanksgiving. KRQE saw no queues but a steady stream of buyers happy to be back and grab some deals. “We prefer to go to the store and see things, feel things, it’s different,” said Vasquez.

On Thanksgiving, the parking lots were empty and looked similar to the city last Thanksgiving, when Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham ordered a two-week “reset” to curb the then soaring coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

Unlike the years before the pandemic, many large retail stores such as Walmart, Target, Khols, and Best Buy stayed closed on Thanksgiving. “I was surprised they opened because it looks like a lot of stores will be returning for the original Black Friday. They’re only open on Friday, not Thanksgiving, ”Provencio said.

“I think tomorrow will be busier. That’s why we’re here. We want to avoid queues, ”said Vasquez.

Even with stores opening on Black Friday, according to NerdWallet, this holiday season still expects online sales to outpace in-store sales.

While many stores are moving away from opening on Thanksgiving Day, they are also moving away from opening on Friday morning at midnight. Most of the big stores like Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and Best Buy are open between 5am and 7am on Fridays.

Between online and in-store sales, Christmas sales are expected to skyrocket this year. The National Retail Federation predicts Christmas sales could increase more than 10% year over year in 2021.

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