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Breakdown of NMSU Chancellor’s goals for 2021-22

LAS CRUCES – New Mexico State University Chancellor Dan Arvizu has set new goals for fiscal year 2022. The NMSU Board of Regents approved the new targets and associated monetary incentives on Monday.

Arvizu earns $ 500,000 in base salary annually. If all goals are met, his salary could rise to $ 650,000. This is in line with the incentives of the past, which promise compensation of up to 30 percent of the base salary.

What are the goals?

Based on the higher education system strategy NMSU LEADS 2025, the quantitative goals are divided into four sections: improving academic success and social mobility; Promoting research and creativity; Increase expansion and reach; and build a robust university system.

The first goals listed relate to enrollment, graduation and retention rates.

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The university aims to increase the number of enrollments on the main campus from 13,904 in autumn 2021 to 14,100 by autumn 2022, an increase of almost 200. The “stretch target” is 14,300, which doubles the internal target.

The number of enrollments on the main campus rose in 2019 after Arvizu ran the university for the first year, but has declined slightly in the past two years. In 2020 it fell by 69 students and in 2021 by around 2.3 percent.

Although the main campus enrollment increased after the first year Arvizu and NMSU President John Floros ran the university in 2019, enrollment has not increased since then.

In addition, the NMSU would like to increase student retention overall: 71.6 percent to 77 percent on the main campus; 52.5 percent to 56 percent at NMSU Alamogordo; 50.4 percent to 54.5 percent at Doña Ana Community College; and 42 percent to 59 percent for NMSU grants.

The NMSU aims to increase its graduation rate after four years from 32.2 percent to 35.2 percent and its graduation rate after six years from 50.4 percent to 54.5 percent.

If all of these goals are met – plus the higher stretch goals – Arivzu could earn up to $ 45,000 from enrollment, graduation, and retention goals.

With the goals of increasing research and creativity, building a robust university system, and increasing expansion and reach, Arvizu could earn a maximum of $ 45,000, $ 37,500, and $ 22,500, respectively.

Arvizu needs to increase research spending by approximately $ 4 million and attract 10 additional postdocs and scientists to research at NMSU. There is still no specific indication of how many awards the NMSU intends to earn through research.

The goals also include increasing donor willingness and academic productivity.

Contracts and salaries of the Chancellor and President

In May 2018, the regents replaced Chancellor Garrey Carruthers, a former New Mexico governor who received $ 373,450, with two administrators, Arvizu and President John Floros, who received base salaries of $ 500,000 and $ 450,000, respectively, and bonuses and other benefits.

Arvizu has a five-year contract concluded in May 2018 with a term until June 2023. Floros’ five-year contract was concluded in July 2018 and is also valid until June 2023.

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Everyone has annual incentives that were first approved in December 2019. The goals of Arvizu and Floros are proposed by Arvizu and approved by the regents.

In 2019, Arvizu received $ 515,947, including moving expenses. In 2020, he received $ 566,074.

In 2019, Floros received the base salary of $ 450,000. In 2020, he received $ 495,656.

In 2021, both Arvizu and Floros are slated to receive incentives of $ 27,525 and $ 26,268, respectively, but the year is not over yet.

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