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Carter Ward Obituary (2022) – Albuquerque, NM

Carter Studdert Ward



Carter Studdert

Parish, retired

Marine reserve,

died on

September 28th

2021, aged

from seventy-nine.

Commander Ward was born on September 6, 1942 in Willington, North Carolina, to John Ward Jr. and Anne Lindsay Ward (nee Studdert). Carter’s father, John, worked as an accountant for the Navy Shipyard in Willington overseeing the construction of ships for the United States Navy’s efforts during World War II. After the war, John and his family moved to Whiteville, North Carolina and started his own accounting business. Carter grew up and spent his teenage years in Whiteville.

Carter graduated with a BS in electrical engineering from North Carolina State and began a career in the Navy at the Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island and the Civil Engineer Corps Officers School in Port Hueneme, California. His subsequent business trips took him to Crane, Indiana, the Bahamas, Gulfport, Mississippi, Cutler, Maine, Vietnam, Guam and Cuba. It was in Vietnam that he was overseeing the construction of roads, bridges, and fighter jets, and was exposed to Agent Orange who eventually cost him his life. On the way, the Navy sent him to the Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York for a postgraduate degree in Utilities Engineering, where he did his Masters. Carter once said that if you add up the total on-board time he’s had in his Navy career, it could add up to two hours.

Carter retained his Navy affiliation mainly with the Seabee Reservations, where he retired as a commander. One of his most interesting roles on the reservation was the five years he spent as operations officer and chief of staff for the Seabees reservation on the Atlantic coast. These assignments gave him the opportunity to go island hopping in the Caribbean from Bermuda to Panama.

At the end of his active years of service, he turned his interest in utilities by completing a graduate degree in Utilities from Indiana University

Administration. From there, he began his civil service career, applying his utility knowledge as a specialist in public utilities for the Navy, Western Territory Electricity Management, Defense Logistics Agency and Department of Energy. While at the Defense Energy Support Center, he was instrumental in setting up the natural gas procurement program now used by many federal agencies, saving the government millions of dollars.

During an 18-year hiatus from the public sector, Carter started his own energy and utility consulting firm, CTW Ltd. The company supported the Department of Energy in Albuquerque in finding solutions to supply problems as a DOE contract partner and project broker for energy saving contracts (ESPC). In 2008 he returned to Washington DC to manage utility and ESPC matters for the National Nuclear Security Administration and stayed there until his retirement in March 2018.

Carter died Tuesday, September 28, 2021 at the Tennessee State Veteran’s Home in Murfreesboro of duty-related injuries from exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam.

All of Carter’s hobbies were related to his family: as a young boy sailing with his father and brother, and as a father and husband, taking photos of his family, journaling their times and activities, and collecting his family history: names, dates, and stories of the deceased and live.

Carter leaves behind his 43-year-old wife, Sylvia Spicer Ward, and three children, Natalie, Tyler, and Whitney. Natalie is married to Jeremy Bylund and has four children: Christopher, Caroline, Catherine and Charlotte. Tyler married Kimberly Rowberry and has twins, Sadie Ann and Daisy Ann. Whitney married Curtis Wilkinson and has two sons: Sterling and Tristan: at the end of January there will be another little girl. Carter’s older brother John Ward III and his wife Virginia Nell

(née Nichols) survive too.

Published by the January 2 to January 9, 2022.

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