Ledes from the Land of Enchantment

Christmas inflatables were found slashed at the house in NE Albuquerque

“I’ll start just before Thanksgiving,” said Olson. “I mean, the candy cane tree alone takes two days. I couldn’t even calculate the time at that point.”

But just days before Christmas, Olson noticed that some of his bouncy castles would not inflate. He discovered huge cuts in his decorations and realized that someone had done this on purpose.

“It was very disappointing. I wasn’t happy that day, let’s just say,” said Olson. “I thought ‘come on’, they’re expensive too and they don’t even make them anymore. I can’t replace them.”

He couldn’t exactly replace that decoration, but he hurried out to fill this empty space, determined not to let it spoil the spirit of Christmas.

“There really is nothing you can do about it,” he said. “That’s why I recovered quickly because there is a family that lives down the street. Your little child needs to see the lights every day before they come on because they love my Minnie and Mickey and then come back at night to see them again. “

Olson has security cameras outside the house, but the cameras didn’t capture anything. They had a neighbor stop and offered super duty tape to try and fix those cuts – so don’t lose hope just yet. He said it was just very disappointing.

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