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Crews use ropes, helicopters to rescue 20 on stuck Sandia Mountain tram car | Local News

ALBUQUERQUE – Search and rescue teams used ropes and helicopters on Saturday to rescue 20 people who were stranded in a tram overnight after a cable icing over resulted in the car high up in the Sandia Mountains overlooking Albuquerque got stuck, the authorities said.

On board the car when it got stuck at 10 p.m. Friday was all of the Sandia Peak Aerial Tramway or mountain restaurant employees who were driven to the base of the mountains at the end of their work day, Lt. Robert Arguellas from the Bernalillo Fire Department.

All 20 employees in the stalled car were rescued and taken from the mountain early on Saturday afternoon when the operations carried out a 21.

Operators were able to move the stalled car to a nearby support tower at more than half the mountain, and search and rescue workers hiked into the area early Saturday morning and climbed the tower to deliver blankets and other supplies to the occupants of Arguella’s heated car. said to deliver.

The rescue operation should take several hours. Search and rescue personnel used ropes and other equipment to lower the stranded people about 25 meters to the ground and then walk them to a nearby landing zone in the steep and rocky terrain where the tower was, Arguellas said.

Helicopters then took the people, several at a time, to the foot of the mountains, he said.

There are no reports of injuries among the stranded people, Arguellas said. “More just pretty frustrated.”

Tramway managing director Michael Donavan told KRQE-TV that the system’s cars will be supplied with food and water, as well as emergency blankets.

In 2020, tram drivers were stuck in cars for almost four hours due to a mechanical problem. In the 1970s, more than 30 people were rescued after a car was stuck for more than 24 hours.

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