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Dangerously cold air hits eastern New Mexico overnight

Grant’s Wednesday Evening Forecast

Arctic air will begin moving into eastern New Mexico tonight. Below zero wind chills will bring dangerously cold conditions to eastern New Mexico through Friday morning.

A beautiful late December day across New Mexico Wednesday. That starts to change overnight when an arctic cold front will begin pushing into northeast New Mexico. Wind Chill Warnings and Advisories will go into effect beginning tonight across the eastern half of the state. This front will push through the entire eastern half of the state by Thursday afternoon, bringing record cold temperatures to Clayton, and high temperatures well-below average elsewhere. The arctic airmass is shallow though and will east of the central mountain chain as western New Mexico will see another nice, but breezy day tomorrow.

Colder air will continue to move into eastern New Mexico through Friday as some of that even seeps into the Mesilla Valley in southern New Mexico. The coldest wind chills will be Thursday night into Friday morning when wind chill values ​​will range from -30° to -10° across the eastern half of the state. Temperatures will stay below freezing across all of eastern New Mexico on Friday, but the winds will be dying down.

A statewide warming trend will begin this weekend though as high temperatures will quickly rebound back to average and above-average for late December. Quiet and mild weather is expected for Christmas Day across the state. The warming trend will continue into next week.

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