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Fair Technology rolls out Hyundai Santa Fe 2021

Fair Technology, the sole distributor of Hyundai vehicles in Bangladesh, has launched the Hyundai Santa Fe 2021 model of the Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV).

The brand new 2500 CC gasoline powered 7 seater with 20 inch wheels, spacious premium interior, panoramic sunroof and many advanced features is being sold for Tk78 lakh.

The dealer presented the car in a program at a city hotel in the capital on Wednesday, while Fair Technology Director and Chief Executive Officer Mutasim Dayan, his Marketing Director JM Taslim Kabir, other senior officials and many SUV enthusiasts were in attendance.

“Santa Fe, a huge global success for Hyundai, will attract a number of existing crossover users and owners of refurbished SUVs as it is the best value for money in its class of the fourth largest and fastest growing automobile brand in the world,” said Md Mesbah Uddin, Chief Marketing Officer of the Fair Group.

Santa Fe 2021 is a luxury family SUV at a good price, he added.

Fair Technology grants a guarantee of 3 years or up to 1 lakh kilometers, while customers receive four free services in the first year.

Following its partnership with Fair Technology, Hyundai is introducing more and more models to the Bangladesh market in order to position itself as a winner in the car market, which is still less penetrated but has growing potential.

Mutasim Dayan said his company will assemble Hyundai cars at its local plant by the middle of next year so that local value creation will help drive down car prices.

The company’s automotive division is already committed to its vision – a car for every family.

The company will also launch electric vehicles by 2023, he added.

The company’s sales director, Abu Naser Mahmud, said the Santa Fe 2021 was the fourth generation of the Santa Fe series, which was introduced in 2000 and sold millions of copies worldwide.

The auto market in Bangladesh has been dominated by Japanese used cars and brand new cars now account for 15% of the annual market at best.

Of the roughly 6,000 brand new cars, SUVs and crossovers are by far the best-selling sedans, reflecting that the car lovers of the middle and wealthy are the same as their global counterparts.

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