Ledes from the Land of Enchantment

Family seeks answers after a loved one is killed in a hit-and-run accident

The spot is marked with a cross and white flowers. It pays homage to life near the intersection of Girard and Vail SE.

“I went to Albuquerque to scout the area to see what I could see and speak to neighbors, look for camera positions, take notes to report anything the police might have missed,” said Kara Dunn, Elisabeth’s sister.

Kara Dunn doesn’t wait for answers, she seeks them. She hung up leaflets to make sure her sister didn’t get lost in the sea of ​​Albuquerque victims.

“Your name is Elisabeth Lenore Dunn. She is 45 years old and is a serial student. She went to school like her whole life, ”said Dunn.

She was a mother, a grandmother, and a loving sister to Dunn. Elisabeth Dunn was on her morning walk around 4am on September 30th when it happened.

“We had all these questions that have haunted us all to this day,” said Dunn. “Trying to find answers. I’m still trying to understand how someone could just leave them there. “

She said most of Liz’s family members were scattered. She’s in Arizona, but that doesn’t mean they want to give that up. Instead, they ask the community for help.

“The goal is either to say, ‘Hello, we’re not giving this up. We never give up, ‘”said Dunn. “The family wants some kind of justice, even if that never really happens. We are forever left with this emptiness. “

In this case, KOB 4 contacted APD, they have not responded at the moment.

Meanwhile, Dunn said the car involved was a gray sedan. She said the crash scattered debris. But the car would have been missing a large part of its bumper.

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