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Former Lobos star to become general partner at OneTen Capital investors

Former UNM basketball standout Hunter Greene, currently a senior advisor at SVN/Walt Arnold Commercial Brokerage, will join OneTen Capital as a general partner. His fund’s focus potentially includes investments with women- and minority-owned startups. (Greg Sorber/Journal)

Former Lobo basketball star Hunter Greene could help local startup entrepreneurs boost their game as the newest general partner at venture investment firm OneTen Capital.

Greene, a University of New Mexico graduate, ranked as the Lobo’s all-time leading scorer when he left the UNM basketball team in 1988.

Hunter Greene played for the Lobos from 1983 to 1988, and stays involved with the university by announcing Lobos games for KKOB-AM. (journal archive)

Since then, he’s transformed his career from basketball legend to successful investor and commercial real estate broker, earning top billing for facilitating a $100 million portfolio sale with CRBE in Albuquerque. That transaction, which included 600,000 square feet of property, ranked as the local CRBE office’s largest New Mexico deal ever.

Greene is currently a senior adviser at SVN/Walt Arnold Commercial Brokerage Inc. But he retains his court chops as a broadcast announcer for both home and away Lobo games for KKOB-AM.

And now, he’s bringing his agility and savvy to the startup community through OneTen Capital, a homegrown firm that offers seed funding to local ventures, said Sherman McCorkle, one of the investment fund’s two existing general partners.

“Hunter has become a very successful businessman by investing in New Mexico,” McCorkle told the Journal. “He’s now bringing his long investment history, philosophy and talent to local entrepreneurs as one of three general partners in a fund that primarily invests in New Mexico companies. … He’ll bring a new circle of potential opportunities to OneTen Capital.”

McCorkle and OneTen Managing Partner Dorian Rader originally co-founded the firm with other participants as NMA Ventures in 2018, raising $4.2 million for an initial fund that has since invested in five New Mexico startups. They re-branded as OneTen Capital last summer, after launching a new round of fund raising for a second fund of $5 to $7 million that’s expected to close next fall.

Greene will join as a general partner in that second fund, which will expand its focus to potentially include some out-of-state investments in the Rocky Mountain region, but with a special concentration on women- and minority-owned startups. Only 1.2% of all venture investment in 2021 went to companies with African American founders, making diversification critical, Rader said.

“We want to focus on diverse populations, and Hunter is passionate about that,” Rader told the Journal. “He’s a great fit for us.”

Greene said he’s excited about increasing access to capital in underserved communities.

“I want to create connections for people who are disconnected,” Greene told the Journal. “I’ve struggled myself with banks who say ‘no’ because you don’t have experience. This is an opportunity to give more people access to help them realize their dreams.”

Apart from real estate work, Greene has made many investments individually and with partners in properties and startups, such as the South Valley Care Center, a skilled nursing facility that he owns.

OneTen still has money in its first fund for one more investment. Its current portfolio includes companies that have gone on to raise much larger investments, such as mPower Technology, an Albuquerque firm that weaves tiny solar cells into a flexible, lightweight mesh for space and terrestrial applications. mPower raised a new, $10 million round of funding in February.

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