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Former Metro 15 offender on the run after cutting off the ankle monitor

Drake’s history in the New Mexico court system is extensive. The 28-year-old’s criminal history goes back to 2013, starting with robbery and aggravated assault.

He was released from prison on his own in 2018, promising not to drink alcohol, use drugs or have contact with his victim.

In 2019, he was charged three times with crimes, including kidnapping and armed robbery.

“The Metro 15 program was published to identify perpetrators of crime who, in our opinion, are key people in the community who are escalating to violence and whom we must take into custody and hopefully imprison,” said APD chief Harold Medina.

Drake was arrested as part of the first Metro 15 operation but was released in March 2020 after about three months in prison.

Almost exactly a year later, he was charged with aggravated assault and assault against his ex-girlfriend, as well as criminal damage to property.

A judge gave him more extensive conditions for his release just last week after the indictment.

On December 20, he received a GPS ankle monitor. Police say he turned off the monitor on Tuesday, December 28, when he was in northeast Albuquerque – just eight days after it was put on him.

“Some changes have to be made to make this program work. You know, at this point I’m not going to point out that I think this person shouldn’t have been on GPS to begin with. So there are still” a lot of changes going on we’re working on, ”said Medina.

Medina says they have seen positive changes in the courts informing them of tampering in a timely manner, but there are still hurdles facing the police.

“The frustrating thing is that he cuts off the ankle cuffs and we have to go through the loops again, doing paperwork and receiving subpoenas to get historical data on where this person has been on a GPS monitor in the past few days. “

He wants GPS data collection to be easier so that officers can track down suspects faster.

“The solution is not another roadblock for law enforcement to gain access to data. The solution is for everyone to come to the table, as we did with the Metro crime initiative, and the courts to find a solution on how to help and be us. “Better partners,” said Medina. “We really need to a sense of urgency in updating their processes and programs to better serve the needs of the community. “

The police have an arrest warrant for Drake, anyone with information is asked to call police officers or crime stoppers.

KOB 4 also received a statement from its lawyer Sarah Wintermute via the public prosecutor’s office:

“Only PTS knows exactly when an ankle monitor is being tampered with or cut off. In this case, PTS initiates an arrest warrant and several partners in the criminal justice system are alerted, including the public defender, if the accused is our client. I received an email notification of the arrest warrant for Mr. Drake at 2:34 pm. If you look at SOPA, it shows that an arrest warrant was issued at 6:45 a.m. today. However, the surveillance breach report was officially filed by PTS at 1:59 p.m., so we were notified very shortly thereafter.

Just because someone is charged with a crime that sounds violent does not mean that they committed that crime or that there is no other side of the story. My client was not on parole, but was being monitored by the investigative authorities. This means his case is still pending and he is still considered innocent under the law. This case was about to be resolved, and while I cannot discuss any private details about my client, I may ask you to consider why someone cut off their ankle monitor. The typical narrative involves a defendant looking like a dangerous criminal who wants to evade prosecution. But many – if not most – of our clients struggle with drug addiction intensely, and if they do not have access to treatment, the addiction can win. Many of our customers also have problems accessing mental health resources, and most have to find these resources on their own.

As for your question about a federal prisoner, I’m not sure where this information came from. Mr Drake was arrested by US marshals in October. He was released from the MDC, suggesting there was no federal prisoner. And as far as we know, there are no federal proceedings pending.

Finally, APD’s press release speaks about my client’s previous charges of “criminal sexual penetration, possession of felons, aggravated assault and narcotics”. SOPA shows that he was never convicted on these charges. “

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