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Funday moment on Sunday: Las Cruces boys continue the annual coat campaign for families in need

LAS CRUCES, NM– Last year we met two boys from Las Cruces who decided to use their free time during the pandemic to collect coats for those in need this winter. Well, a year later, the two boys, Jaxx and Alex, are again spreading warmth this winter season.

“We wanted to help our community and help some of the people who are not fortunate enough to have what we have,” said Alex Trujillo.

Last Wednesday, Jaxx and Alex spent their morning distributing brand new winter coats to families in the New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department.

Last year the boys were able to collect 188 coats. This year the boys did not reach their goal of 200 coats, but were still able to donate over 100 winter coats to families in need.

“We got 133 this year. We got more donations, but jacket prices went up this year so we couldn’t get enough,” Jaxx said.

The boys hope to reach their goal of 200 winter coat donations next year and plan to continue this coat campaign in the years to come. That jacket drive is something the mother of the two boys is proud of.

“It feels really good,” said Jessica Dunn, Alex’s mother, “we’re proud of her. They wanted to pursue their goal of surpassing what they bought last year, which they couldn’t, but we are still satisfied with the result and thank everyone who donated. “

The boys are already planning their coat trip for next year. If you’d like to help them start donating early, send an email to: [email protected]

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