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Goal and Highlights: Boca Juniors 1-2 Unión de Santa Fe in Primera División | 06/24/2022

10:43 PM12 hours ago

what’s coming

Both teams will take the field on Tuesday (28) to dispute continental competitions. At 6:15 pm ET, Unión de Santa Fe faces Nacional in the Sul-Americana, while Boca Juniors duels against Corinthians at 8:30 pm ET.

10:42 PM12 hours ago

How it looks

With the result, Boca Juniors remains in second place with 10 points. Union de Santa Fe rises to eighth, with seven.

10:34 PM12 hours ago


Troyansky charges high and hits García’s angle

10:31 PM12 hours ago


Arbitration sends back due to invasion

10:31 PM12 hours ago


Troyansky shoots from half height and Garcia saves

10:29 PM12 hours ago


VAR confirms the penalty

10:28 PM12 hours ago

53′ VAR

VAR analyzes the play and observes a foul by Izquierdoz inside the area

10:25 PM12 hours ago

50′ Red card for Boca Juniors

Izquierdoz, for his second yellow

10:14 PM12 hours ago

40′ Yellow card for Union


10:13 PM12 hours ago


Nardoni lifts the ball into the box. Aguero head weakly and García holds firm

10:08 PM12 hours ago

34′ Substitution in Union

10:07 PM12 hours ago


Esquivel collapses on the grass with cramps

10:06 PM12 hours ago

32′ Substitutions in Boca Juniors

10:04 PM12 hours ago

29′ WOW

Zenón takes a dangerous free-kick, takes it away from the barrier, and the ball grazes the crossbar

10:03 PM12 hours ago

28′ Yellow card for Boca Juniors


9:57 PM12 hours ago


Villa shoots hard from the edge of the area and sends it over the goal

9:57 PM13 hours ago

20′ Substitutions in Boca Juniors

9:55 PM13 hours ago

19′ Substitutions in Union

9:45 PM13 hours ago

10′ Substitutions in Union

9:39 PM13 hours ago


Boca Juniors starts the second half with more possession and rounds the opponent’s goal

9:36 PM13 hours ago


Game restarts

9:18 PM13 hours ago


The first half ends

9:18 PM13 hours ago


Campuzano takes a free kick at the far post. The defense rebounds

9:12 PM13 hours ago


Salvio charges high, giving Moyano no chance

9:11 PM13 hours ago

39′ Substitution at Boca Juniors

9:09 PM13 hours ago


Molinas is pushed by Esquivel inside the area

8:56 PM14 hours ago


Machuca takes a good shot to the right corner. Garcia gets it right, but can’t reach it

8:53 PM14 hours ago


Nardoni invades the area at speed, but is stepped on by Campuzano

8:45 PM14 hours ago


Salvio dominates on the left side, brings it inside and hits the ball. The goalkeeper makes a good save

8:45 PM14 hours ago


García sets up a counterattack with Molinas, who crosses at the second post. Salvio dominates free, but Moyano closes the angle well and the striker sends it wide

8:42 PM14 hours ago


Machuca takes a free-kick in the box, straight into the arms of García

8:40 PM14 hours ago


Unión exchanges passes, but fails to threaten García’s goal

8:34 PM14 hours ago


Molinas takes a long shot. Moyano makes the save in the corner

8:34 PM14 hours ago


Cañete tries to count to the middle, but is stopped by Figal in time to finish

8:30 PM14 hours ago


Ball at stake

8:27 PM14 hours ago


Team on the field

8:04 PM14 hours ago

Union de Santa Fe lineup

Moyano; Gerometta, Calderón, Britez, Esquivel; Juan Carlos Portillo, Juan Ignacio Nardoni, Machuca, Canete; Gallegos, Juarez

7:48 PM15 hours ago

Boca juniors lineup

Javier Garcia; Weigandt, Figal, Zambrano, Frank Fabra; Campuzano, Medina, Aaron Molinas; Langoni, Salvio, Luis Vázquez

7:44 PM15 hours ago

Focus on Libertadores

Thinking about the confrontation against Corinthians, next Tuesday (29), Boca Juniors goes to the game with the reserve team

7:39 PM15 hours ago

Video refereeing

7:29 PM15 hours ago

How and where to watch the Boca Juniors vs Unión de Santa Fe match live?

7:24 PM15 hours ago

What time is Boca Juniors vs Unión de Santa Fe match for La Liga?

7:19 PM15 hours ago

Union de Santa Fe Squad

7:09 PM15 hours ago

Boca Juniors’ Squad

7:04 PM15 hours ago

Union’s last results

6:59 PM15 hours ago

How come the Rojiblancos

Union de Santa Fe did not start the second phase of the competition well. With two losses, one draw and one win, the Rojiblancos are in 24th position, with four points earned.

6:54 PM16 hours ago

Boca’s last results

6:49 PM16 hours ago

How comes the Azul y Oro

Boca Juniors is second in the second phase of the Argentinean championship with nine points, one behind the leader Newe’lls Old Boys. The Azul y Oro team has won three and lost one.

6:44 PM16 hours ago

eyes on the game

Boca Juniors vs Union de Santa Felive this Friday (24), at the Bomboneraat 8:30pm ET, for the Primera Division. The match is valid for the 5th round of the competition.

6:39 PM16 hours ago

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