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Heinrich joins efforts to ensure transparency in UFOs

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No more far-reaching sightings of unidentified objects in flight under the carpet.

Senator Martin Heinrich and several other senators are hoping for this. The bipartisan group last week introduced an amendment to the Defense Permits Act that would create an office tasked with collecting and reporting data related to unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAPs – essentially UFOs.

Sen. Martin Heinrich

The Anomaly Surveillance and Resolution Office would be part of the Department of Defense and would work in coordination with the Department of National Intelligence, officials in Heinrich’s office said.

The office would set up a reporting process to collect UFO-related data from across the Department of Defense and intelligence, develop information-gathering and scientific plans, and produce an unclassified annual report and briefings to Congress. The change would also create an advisory committee to oversee the office.

In addition to the Defense Authorization Act for the coming fiscal year, an amendment to the creation of the office is proposed, which will be discussed in Congress.

“The American people deserve transparency when it comes to UAPs – especially given the national security implications,” Heinrich said in a statement to the Journal. “To do this, we need to raise this issue within our defense and intelligence services so that they have a mandate not only to focus on what is happening in our skies, but also to convey these insights to the American people. With the establishment of this new office within the Department of Defense, we are starting a critical, unified approach to collecting and reporting UAP data and ending the previous cycle of brushing those sightings under the rug. “

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, DN.Y., sponsored the change and are endorsed by Heinrich and Sens. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., Lindsey Graham, RS.C., and Roy Blunt, R-Mo. Gillibrand said in an interview with Politico that she does not expect any opposition to the proposal, which also calls for research into health effects or materials related to the sightings. A similar amendment was included in the same bill that cleared the House.

Douglas Johnson, a contributing researcher with the Scientific Coalition on UAP Studies, said the coalition supported the change, which he believes is an important moment for UFO research.

“That has never happened before. Congress has never proposed that the executive be asked to deal with the phenomena, ”he said. “We think it is important that Congress take this step, and we think it is necessary.”

The amendment is not the first time that Heinrich has expressed an interest in UFOs.

As a member of the Senate’s Secret Service Committee, Heinrich supported a provision in the Secret Service Licensing Act for fiscal year 2021 that calls on the UAP Task Force and the Office of Naval Intelligence to standardize the collection and reporting of UAP data.

The senior New Mexico senator has also expressed an interest in learning more about strange sightings in several interviews.

In May he was approached by a videographer for TMZ on a walk alone who asked Heinrich about UFOs and extraterrestrials.

Heinrich said he was intrigued by news reports that included government videos and interviews with retired Navy pilots who remembered encountering strange, possibly unearthly planes, and that he wanted to investigate the sightings.

The tabloid asked Heinrich, which was more alarming: did the apparent plane belong to a foreign government or to foreigners?

“Oh, Option B. Much more important to worry about,” said Heinrich.

“If there was a foreign government with these kinds of skills, I think we would see different signs of advanced technology,” he continued. “I cannot imagine that what is described or shown in some videos belongs to a government I know.”

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