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Homeless shelter needs room to do the job | Letters To Editor

The Interfaith Community Shelter’s location on Pete’s Place has always been way too small – it’s cramped, with sleeping areas for men and women; Kitchen and dining room; Offices; Toilets; cramped shower facilities; and overflowing storage space, not to mention the cramped parking spaces (I was on the demolition team that helped tear up the inside a decade ago). If by chance the former Mazda building across from Cerrillos Road could be acquired by the shelter, it would be expensive but ideal. NIMBY’s objections could be dispelled and the shelter would be centrally located on bus route # 2. The property and the building have the potential to become something great and perfect. I see it as a single point of contact for street-level social services.

Current Pete’s clientele and audiences are used to having their things done on the spot when things are up – especially along the street I refer to as Pete’s Skid Row. As many of us know, for a predominantly young group of street people it has become a 24/7 safe haven from trafficking in drugs, showing unsightliness, and engaging in unsavory activities such as shooting in sight. A huge restart is the order of the day. If the financing and the property can be found for a fully functional expanded social enterprise on the former Mazda site, we will now start the preliminary talks.

Support hospital staff

I recently met a friend who works at the Christ St. Vincent Regional Medical Center. She talked about how exhausted and frustrated so many of her coworkers are. You are desperately trying to save the lives of people who refused to vaccinate and are now dying. Overworked by the incredible increase in patient stress, they are trying to take care of themselves and their families. A few months ago, a group of retired doctors from the Christ St. Vincent Regional Medical Center worked with the St. Vincent Hospital Foundation to set up a fund for hospital workers. This fund will financially support hospital staff who deserve our support. I urge my friends and neighbors to donate to this very good cause.

Please send whatever you can to www.stvinfoundation.org or mail a check to the Foundation at 455 St. Michael’s Drive, Second Floor, Santa Fe, 87505. Let them know again how grateful you are for their incredible efforts Work are. Write thank you letters and think about whether you want to donate or give away a Christmas card. I am amazed that even in this incredibly stressful time for our hospital staff, Christ St. Vincent continues to win national awards for outstanding patient safety and that staff have again named the hospital “Best Place to Work in New Mexico” for the fourth year in a row .

Extend the VAT mandate

I wrote to Raúl Burciaga, director of the Legislative Council Service, endorsing the Roundhouse Vaccine Mandate, suggesting that the mandate be extended to all indoor California-based businesses. Here’s what I told him:

“We were just vacationing in the Union Square nightlife district of San Francisco. Business is good. I urge Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham to copy her rule: Any business customer entering an indoor business, including restaurants, … will be required to show your vaccination card. We saw people without [proof] turned away. New Mexico has climbed two notches towards the highest category of new infections. What we are doing is not working. Here the rates double due to vaccination refusals. New Mexico should order vaccine certificates for all indoor businesses. This will attract the attention of those who oppose vaccination, which will help contain new infections and deaths. … The main point here is that vaccination regulations are less of a hindrance than business closings, but very effective against the current surge and would add to our high vaccination rate, the same situation as in California. “

Let the mayor do the work

On the editorial (“Finding the Right Police Chief Is A Test For Webber,” Our View, Nov. 29) on Finding the Right Police Chief, when you say the city should have an open interview process, I disagree with your point of view . We elected Alan Webber as Mayor to lead and choose those who he believes are doing the best job. The public will always have those who disagree with everything the mayor says or does. The mayor’s administration has many advisors to give their opinion, and the public always expresses their views. Your cattle call idea is neither good nor useful.

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