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How long has it been since it rained in Las Cruces?

Editor’s note: This story was up to date as of 7 pm Thursday. It’ll be updated Friday morning.

LAS CRUCES – Rain clouds spat on parts of Las Cruces for a bit Thursday evening, enough for meteorologists to measure a trace amount.

The few raindrops, mixed with decent winds, were good news for area car wash owners, but the mere taste of moisture wasn’t nearly enough to satiate the drought-ridden Mesilla Valley.

Still, the eight-hundredths of an inch measured at a site near the Organ Mountains about 5:30 pm was officially rain — the first rainfall here since March 22, when a few tenths-of-an-inch of rain fell near the Organs and measuring rainfall in the hundredths-of-an-inch fell closer to the city limits.

Eleanor Dhuyvetter, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Santa Teresa, said the 86 days between rainfall was the 12th longest period between rain in Las Cruces history.

The longest Las Cruces has gone without rain has been 126 days, in 2008, Dhuyvetter said.

Rain in the forecast

Dhuyvetter said Las Cruces can expect more relatively dry afternoon thunderstorms, and wind, through Sunday evening.

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The weather pattern will change heading into Monday, however, with stratiform clouds making their way into southern New Mexico.


“You could get clouds and light rain most of the day,” Dhuyvetter said, warning that the forecast could, of course, change.

If we all wash our cars this weekend, maybe — just maybe — that forecast will hold.

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