Ledes from the Land of Enchantment

In pictures: We’re celebrating New Mexico in 2021


To our readers

It was a full year of news in New Mexico.

We started the year locked, with students studying from home, many businesses closed, and events canceled. Over the months, some things have normalized and some have not.

What never changed was the wonderful, adventurous spirit of the New Mexicans and the natural and cultural beauty of our state.

While journalists are tasked with photographing good news and bad news, it has been our special privilege and joy to occasionally point our cameras at what makes us unique and special – our community and the places we cherish.

We are grateful that we can share our favorite picture of enchantment with you this Christmas season and hope it leaves you with a smile too.

– Robert Browman, Director of Photography and Multimedia

The journal’s photo staff in 2021

Robert Browman

Robert Browman graduated from the University of Florida and joined the Journal in 1997 as a photography intern. He went to MSNBC.com in Seattle and then to Corbis in New York, where he helped lead a team that led the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He later helped found MediaStorm, won an Emmy and was nominated for another. In 2012 he returned to the Journal as digital editor and became Director of Photography in mid-2021.

Dean Hanson

Dean Hanson is from Minnesota and joined the in 1986. His particular interests in photography include nature, wildlife, history, science, and the performing arts. He was promoted to Photo Editor of the in 2017 and retired in 2021.

Eddie Moore

Eddie Moore grew up on a tobacco farm in North Carolina and worked there as a photographer for newspapers for several years. He moved to Santa Fe in 1996 and began working as a freelance photographer before joining the photography team in 1998. He worked for the for more than 20 years, photographing all of northern New Mexico.

Adolphe Pierre-Louis

Adolphe Pierre-Louis is from Haiti and has lived in New Mexico for more than 30 years. From 1990 to 1994 he worked as a freelance journalist before becoming a permanent photographer in early 1995. He began his photojournalism career with the New York Daily News. He specializes in breaking news, sports, portraits, and stories of human interest.

Roberto E. Rosales

Roberto E. Rosales, a native of El Salvador, focuses on issues such as immigration and breaking news. Twice a week he teaches a photography course in the Department of Film and Digital Art at the University of New Mexico and occasionally photojournalism classes in the Department of Communication and Journalism. He has a Bachelor in Fine Art and a Master in Art Education.

Jim Thompson

Jim Thompson came to New Mexico from Portland, Oregon, where he worked as a stringer for the Oregonian, Associated Press, and a newspaper group in Washington County, Oregon called Times Publications. He began for the in 1986 with an interest in sports photography, spot news, and everyday life in New Mexico. He retired in 2021.

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