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Investigation continues on shootings at homes of elected officials

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – Albuquerque Police Department (APD) Chief Harold Medina said there are two common themes related to the shootings at the homes and offices of local elected officials. It’s fire arms other fentanyl pills.

“So, obviously there is a concern based off of that, and we do want to research and make sure that we look into both the narcotics nexus and possibly the campaign irregularities,” said APD Chief Harold Medina.

Solomon Peña is accused of paying four other people to shoot at New Mexico elected leaders’ homes.

Investigators caught a break in the case when Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office pulled over one of the suspected shooters, Jose Trujillo, for having expired tags and found guns and drugs in the car.

However, police are also investigating where the Republican candidate’s failed campaign funding came from to determine if it’s connected to his alleged crimes.

“We’ll have to work with our partners and see what is the best avenue for what we have once we know some facts, and it could end up being a federal entity. It could end up being the Attorney General’s Office.”

Other shootings are also being investigated, including one at the former District Attorney Raul Torrez’s campaign office, but police said they have no evidence connecting it to Peña.

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