Ledes from the Land of Enchantment

Jewish Community Center displays Santa Fe photographer’s work

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – An artist who once lived in Santa Fe is being recognized here in Albuquerque. The exhibit’s photos are a look back in time.

The Jewish Community Center and the New Mexico Holocaust Museum worked together on a new exhibit featuring artist: Lita Blake.

The Jewish artist fled Austria in 1938 to Brazil, then to New York, and finally ended up in Santa Fe.

“It’s an important story to understand the plight of those who survived and what their lives were like before they left. These were affluent, professional people living in Vienna. A wonderful life. They traveled around Europe. That was all ripped away, and they had to, you know, get out,” said Chief Programs Officer Phyllis Wolf.

The exhibit features Lita Blake’s photographs throughout the decades.

It will be open to the public through April at the New Mexico Jewish Community Center in the Northeast Heights.

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