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Kind garbage collector surprises 10-year-old Albuquerque boy

ALBUQUERQUE, NM — Garbage trucks: Annoying and noisy to adults, yet fascinating to kids, including a 10-year-old boy who wakes up extra early just to greet his local garbage collector.

A typical Friday morning for 10-year-old Antonio Segura begins on the curb of his house. Every week, like clockwork, he waits patiently for the garbage truck to come by.

Antonio’s love for all things garbage trucks and cans started when he was only four years old – all because of a toy.

“I first had a toy garbage truck and I played with it even though I never knew what it was,” Antonio said. “Then, one time, I heard a noise, went outside and saw the trash truck for the first time, so that’s what inspired me to watch it every Friday.”

Now, his early Friday ritual of listening for that horn has become a family activity.

“This is not a chore in our family, this is something that we enjoy doing,” said Tiffany Segura, Antonio’s mom. “He takes care of the trash and the recycling in our home and gets ready for it on Thursday evenings. He puts everything out and is ready to go in the morning.”

Last week, while Antonio was doing his usual Friday morning routine, he got an unexpected surprise: An Albuquerque Solid Waste driver let him get a closer look at the massive truck. His parents captured it all on video, too.

“It’s awesome that someone would stop in the middle of their work morning, right in the middle of their route, to get down and talk with the kids and let them jump in real quick,” said Carlos Segura, Antonio’s dad. “It definitely makes their day, their week and even their month.”

The driver, Roy Paderson, said he knows exactly what Antonio is feeling at the sight of that truck. When Roy was about Antonio’s age, he felt that too.

“It’s pretty awesome because that how I ended up wanting to do this for a living, being a little kid and going out there,” Roy said.

Roy, along with other garbage collectors, may have inspired the next generation, as Antonio has future aspirations of being a garbage truck driver.

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