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KRQE Newsfeed: Barn squatters, Zoo animals killed, More storms, Man in bear suit, Beer can design

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Friday’s Five Facts

[1] Body camera footage shows people living in horse barns at Downs at Expo New Mexico – State Police have recently found multiple people illegally living in the horse barns at The Downs racetrack. Lapel video from October shows police going from stall to stall, looking for a man reported to be living on the grounds. In one stall they found two people with a cozy setup complete with a TV, mini-fridge and wall decorations. The two were arrested. The officers found another man living in one of the other stalls. He was given a warning that he would be arrested if he trespassed again.

[2] Roswell officials: 4 zoo animals killed by loose dogs – The Spring River Zoo in Roswell is evaluating it’s new fencing after three loose dogs were able to get into the zoo and kill four zoo animals. They city says the dogs kill three barbary sheep and a wallaby. The zoo recently put up new fencing to keep their animals safe, but the three dogs dug under the fence into the enclosures. The zoo was forced to close on Thursday while a vet checked on the other animals. The city says they have been working to re-enforce the fence for a while.

[3] Winter storms bring snow, rain and wind through New Years – The next big storm will arrive New Year’s Day. The morning will stay mostly dry, but snow and rain will arrive in western NM during the afternoon. Precipitation will spread eastward during afternoon and evening. Snow is only expected in the mountains and rain in the low elevations. Roads will become slick in the higher spots like I-40 near Gallup and Grants, US 550 and the mountains.

[4] Bearsun runs through New Mexico – The man in the bear suit is back in New Mexico. Bearsun (AKA Jessy Larios) is from California and has earned a following while making a trek across the US in 2021 to raise money for multiple causes. In August 2021, New Mexico welcomed him on his way from LA to New York. This year, Larios is ramping it up. He’s going to run all the way back to LA wearing the bear suit at all times. He crossed the state line from Oklahoma into New Mexico on Christmas Eve.

[5] New Mexico native’s design showing up on Pabst Blue Ribbon beer cans – The next time you pick up a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon, you might be holding a can with a design from New Mexico native and Seattle resident Andrew Martinez. His design has shown up on 140 million cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer across the country. Martinez was one of ten people who won a national competition. The design on the cans started showing up in stores around October.

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