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Las Cruces considers installing traffic cameras to keep track of red light runners

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico- The city of Las Cruces is considering bringing back technology to stop red-light runners and speeding motorists.

Red light and speeding cameras have been used before but came with some backlash from residents. Motorists gave mixed reactions about bringing them back.

“My personal opinion, I don’t think they work,” said Kay Zirbel.

“I think it’s a good idea. I think we’re seeing a rise in car wrecks,” said Elizabeth Gutierrez.

According to the Las Cruces police department, 1,227 traffic citations for speeding have been filed this year. The city is hoping to utilize cameras to curb the number of traffic incidents.

“I’m happy the city is being proactive on safety things and not just worrying about negative responses from other people I think you have to go with safety,” said Gutierrez.

Some council members, however, don’t believe the traffic cameras should be installed.

“I don’t think this is the answer because I don’t think we’re gonna get a steady out on McClure or Holgluin or some of the neighborhood streets where this is occurring. It’s going to be education,” said Yvonne Flores, District 6 representative.

Everyone was in agreement that traffic violators are a problem.

“I see a lot of red light runners if that’s what you’re talking about. We also have very long traffic lights. Like two minutes and thirty seconds,” said Kay Zirbel “they want to get through them so that’s why you’re seeing people run lights, and then people are hesitating cuz they don’t want to get hit.”

“We’ve got to make our streets as safe as possible for our drivers and those that choose to break the law,” said Mayor Ken Miyagishima.

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