Ledes from the Land of Enchantment

Let’s go! | Las Cruces bulletin

Live and personal workshops and clinics, performances, jam sessions and much more are part of the 28th annual Las Cruces International Mariachi Conference, Wednesday through Saturday 10-13. November, on the New Mexico State University campus and elsewhere in Las Crosses.

The conference “focuses on education and entertainment,” said director Robert Palacios. “Over 14,000 students of all ages attended the annual four-day conference, which features three-day educational workshops in mariachi music, voice, and folk dance. The workshops provide a high quality educational experience through a unique cultural arts program. All proceeds from the annual event support various New Mexico Advocates for the Arts programs that improve the quality of life and promote cultural arts education in southern New Mexico, ”said Palacios.

“Preserving and enhancing the traditional art forms of mariachi music and folklore dance has always been the main goal of the conference,” he said.

For more information call 575-680-3123 and email [email protected]

Visit www.lascrucesmariachi.org.

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