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Man arrested in Senda del Valle street shooting | Local News

A gunfight in which a man was hospitalized in early December could have been a stolen firearm, according to a criminal complaint filed in the Santa Fe district this week.

After tracing the registration of a car found near the crime scene to Flavio Gonzales Jr.’s mother, Santa Fe police found a semi-automatic pistol in Gonzales’ room that was reported stolen in October, the ad said .

Santa Fe police arrested 19-year-old Gonzales Tuesday for grievous bodily harm and holding back a stolen handgun.

Gonzales remains in custody; his first trial, scheduled for Wednesday, has been postponed to Thursday.

The 42-year-old victim of the shooting saw an unidentified man and woman walk past his apartment in an apartment building on the 1200 block of Senda del Valle on the night of December 1.

He told them to leave “because they don’t belong here,” and instead followed them as they went to another apartment.

The walking man, later identified as Gonzales by police, then drew a gun and started shooting, the ad said. The victim was shot in the hand while trying to block his face and then shot in the legs while walking back to his apartment.

Police later found 10 hollow point and aluminum 9mm shells in the area and items from two people who reported car break-ins on West Alameda Street earlier that week.

An officer in the area later that night found a white Toyota with the hood still hot to the touch, the criminal complaint said. Police found it was recorded on Gonzales mother.

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