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Mayfield, Gadsden, Alamogordo will join new football districts in 2022

LAS CRUCES – Multiple schools will be located in new sporting districts for the next season after the New Mexico Activities Association announced on Thursday that the districts will be realigned for the next two years.

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With the district realignment affecting high schools in southern New Mexico, the Mayfield, Gadsden, and Alamogordo High Schools football programs will take place in either new districts or new classifications from fall 2022.

Mayfield will move from Class 5A, District 3, to District 4, where it will work with Goddard, Roswell and Artesia to form a four-school football district. Gadsden will rejoin a 5A-level football district in the fall of 2021 after starting as an independent in the fall of 2021, and Alamogordo football will jump from 5A to 6A, including Las Cruces, Organ Mountain and Centennial high schools in the district 3/4 connect.

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Jose Montoya (2) plays the ball as the Mayfield Trojans face the Los Alamos Hilltoppers at the Field of Dreams in Las Cruces on Friday November 5, 2021.

Gadsden will move to 5A District 3 for football with rivals Chaparral, Deming and Santa Teresa. Mayfield, Gadsden and Alamogordo will continue to compete in 5A District 3 with Centennial, Las Cruces and Organ Mountain for all sports other than swimming and diving and girls’s wrestling. The schools will be in one larger district with nine teams, including Carlsbad, Clovis, and Lovington High Schools, including water sports, and one of two districts with more than 30 schools for girls’ wrestling.

Mayfield’s new soccer district has a total of 53 state soccer championships with a total of 81 appearances, by far the largest number of all districts at all levels. All four schools have competed for a state title over the past decade, and all four schools have won a state championship since 2010. Mayfield’s 12-year championship drought will be the longest in the district when schools start league play in 2022. Every member of the new district qualified for the playoffs last season.

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Gadsden, a school not known for its historical soccer skills, will join a 5A soccer district with which it has traditionally been competitive. The Panthers went through 2021 with an even goal against 5A District 3 opponents 2-1. Gadsden defeated Chaparral with 52 points, lost to Deming with 38 and lost to Santa Teresa with 14.

Alamogordo will face a much tougher football challenge next season than it was in 2021. The Tigers went 2-8 as a 5A school last season and only played against one 6A school, Gadsden, to which they lost 47-13. On average, they allowed 48 points per game, while in one district with Goddard, Roswell and Artesia they only scored 12 points per game.

These three schools achieved a combined record of 4-3 against 6A competition in the fall 2021 season.

Stephen Wagner is a sports reporter for Las Cruces Sun-News. He can be found on Twitter at @ stephenwag22 and can be reached at [email protected]

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