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Missed opportunities plague Aggies with a narrow loss to Hawaii

Press release of the NMSU Athletics

The NM state football program fought hard but fell to the University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors from 41-21 on Saturday night in the wet and windy Aggie Memorial Stadium.

In the defeat, QB Jonah Johnson completed 28 of 47 passes for 280 yards and one pass touchdown. On his birthday, NM State (1-4) WR Jared Wyatt picked up the best nine catches of his career for 114 yards. Wyatt became the first Aggie since Naveon Mitchell to overtake 100 yards in one game (Sep 18, 2019; @New Mexico).

The turning point in the competition was a Jonah Johnson Lateral in the second quarter that was classified as backward. The ball was scooped and brought back by Hawaii’s (2-3) Cameron Lockridge for a 5 yard touchdown. The Mountain West side checked the game on Saturday but the reputation stood and gave UH a 17-3 lead, 13:31 minutes behind in the opening.

For the fourth time within five weeks, the Aggies received the opening kick-off and scored for the second time in a row at the opening drive.

Johnson and the Aggies marched the ball to Hawaii 13, but a sack of Johnson from Warriors O’tay Baker and DJuan Matthews forced a 33-yard field goal from kicker Ethan Albertson. The kick gave NM State a 3-0 lead with 9:33 remaining and topped off a 12-play, 60-yard drive that lasted five minutes and 27 seconds.

In Hawaii’s very first offensive game after scrimmage, QB Chevan Cordeiro met WR Nick Mardner for a 74-yard touchdown, which gave the Warriors a 7-3 lead with 9:19 in the first period. Cordeiro finished 16 of 25 from 277 yards, the touchdown and an interception. The QB also ran 31 yards and a score. Mardner finished the contest with four catches for 120 yards and one score.

After an NM State punt gave Hawai’i possession of the football with its own 38, Cordeiro orchestrated a 54-yard drive of nine games that resulted in a 25-yard field goal from Matthew Shipley. The kick gave the guests a 10-3 lead with 3:26 and was the last shot on goal of the first quarter.

After a stalled Aggie Drive, UH took over its own 20-yard line. Cordeiro and the Warriors made three first downs on the following trip before the Aggie defense forced another Shipley punt.

Johnson took over 10-3 in the first half at 14:16 and completed a five-yard pass to Wyatt.

In second and fifth place, Johnson fell back to the pass and attempted a swing pass to run O’Maury Samuels back. The pass was knocked down by Hawai’i’s Quentin Frazier.

Rather than mistaking the ball incomplete and the game dead, referee Derek Anderson thought the ball was alive. After the ball rolled to NM State Five, Lockridge carefully ran the ball in for a touchdown. After the review, the decision stood and gave Hawai’i the 17-3 advantage mentioned above with 13:31 to play in the second period.

Needing an answer, Johnson led his team on a 71-yard, five-game drive started by a 52-yard heave to Wyatt. The WR was attacked from the back of the shirt, prompting Lockridge to issue a horse collar tackle appeal.

The penalty kick placed the ball at UH seven. After a one-yard rush from Johnson to first-and-goal, QB Robert Downs III hit for a six-yard touchdown that cut Hawaii’s lead 11:27 to 17:10.

After a false start penalty and a two-yard sack from linebacker Chris Ojoh, who supported Hawaii except for his own 18, a Dae Dae Hunter 14-yard rush finished third and third.

UH returned the ball to Hunter and the running back advanced to Hawaii 37 before being pulled by cornerback Syrus Dumas. The ball was retrieved by linebacker Nick Giacolone, who returned the ball to the Aggies.

An eight-yard first-down rush from Juwaun Price and a 25-yard scamper on the next play brought the Aggies into the UH Four with a first and goal situation.

After a screen on WR Isaiah Garcia-Castaneda pushed Aggies to the two, Johnson tried to force the ball into the end zone but was stopped at one, preparing a third down and a goal.

Johnson rolled out in the subsequent third downplay and floated a pass in the direction of Garcia-Castaneda, which fell incompletely.

The incomplete pass forced the Aggies to be content with a 20-yard Albertson field goal that put the Aggies at 7:58 within 17-13 to 7:58.

On the following trip, Dumas made another big game for the Aggies when he intercepted a Cordeiro pass on his own 12-yard line. The transfer from Independence CC returned the ball to NM State 29, setting up Johnson and the aggie offensive 6:16.

Johnson turned a pair of third downs the next time he had possession and marched the ball into UH 12, where he faced a first down and a 10.

After a two-yard rush from Samuels placed the ball at Warriors 10, Johnson’s second down pass to Garcia-Castaneda was canceled, preparing a third and eight. In the following game, Johnson completed a pass to Wyatt, but the wideout was stopped with 44 seconds of play time without a win. Albertson and the Aggies attempted a 29-yard field goal in the next game, but the kick sailed far to the right.

Hawaii took over their own 20 and marched the ball to NM State 40, but DJ McCullough interrupted a Cordeiro lift on the goal line as time ran out in the first half. The game was the last game of the first half when Hawaii went on break at 17:13.

On first possession of the second period, Cordeiro and the Warriors brought the ball to Aggie 43, but a pass break from Dalton Bowels forced UH into fourth and fourth situations.

After Cordeiro tried to pull the offside of Aggie and call a time out, Cordeiro attempted a quick kick that jumped into the end zone.

NM State and Hawai’i swapped punts on the next two drives, giving the Aggies 17:13 and 8:40 possession for the third period.

After Doro Omheri had advanced the ball on Hawai’i 41 before the third residue and three, it was whistled for a false start. The penalty forced the NM state into a third down and an eight situation.

On the above third and eight, Johnson was dismissed and deprived of the ball by Khoury Bethley. Bethley found the fumble in NM State 38.

Hawai’i and Cordeiro responded to the forced fumble with a 38-yard, seven-game drive that culminated in a one-yard rushing score from Cordiero that gave Hawai’i a 24-13 lead 2:24, to play in the third game.

After the score, the rain got heavier and forced another aggie boat.

With the wind blowing and pouring rain, NM State’s normally dominant Josh Carlson jabbed the ball into midfield with 34 ticks in the third quarter.

In the second game of the fourth quarter, and after a 41-yard rush that landed the ball at NM State 14, Calvin Turner Jr. appeared to be stopped for a loss several times.

But the running back broke several NM State tackles before eventually reversing the field for a 14-yard touchdown that left Hawai’i a 31-13 lead, 14:11.

Johnson used a 24-yard connection with Thomas Whitford in fourth and ninth to trigger a 10-game, 85-yard touchdown drive with a three-yard QB keeper for a touchdown and a two – Points conversion reverse ended by Isaiah Garcia. Castaneda shortens Hawaii’s once 18-point lead to 31-21 with 10:20 before the game.

Cordeiro and the Hawai’i Offensive marched deep into Aggie Territory on the following voyage before settling for a 41-yard field goal from Shipley at 6:52, which gave the guests a 34-21- Created a head start.

After a turnover on downs from NM State gave Hawaii 2:54 remaining, the Warriors crowned a 35-yard four-game drive with a 19-yard touchdown from Dedrick Parson. The result gave the guests a 41-21 lead with 1:52 to play.

Parson finished with 90 yards on 11 carries and the touchdown score. The running back recorded 82 of his yards in the fourth third.

“I told our team after the game that no one could question their heart or their efforts tonight because they were once again playing extremely hard. I’m blessed and grateful to be working with a great group of players. We’re shooting only in our legs. ” We missed a few opportunities to score offensively and then we missed tackles defensively and gave up too many big moves. Tonight was another example of how we defeated ourselves. I give Hawaii all the credit, but I don’t believe they are a more talented team than us. We just didn’t take our chances well enough tonight. Our boys are still fighting. We’ll reload and play next week. “

On the turning points in today’s game:
“The three biggest plays were when we had to settle for a field goal after missing a wide-open receiver. The second play was when we missed a short field goal. And the third play was the defensive touchdown, the Hawaii received. That was a terrible call. I don’t care what anyone says, it was a terrible call. They said they didn’t have a camera angle to override it, but I felt like they didn’t have any First and foremost, we were allowed to call the case sideways. We threw a pass to a running back. It wasn’t lateral, but things like that happen. And you have to overcome them. As I said, we had to take advantage of the opportunities that were given to us better than tonight. If we had scored seven goals on this trip where we scored a field goal, it would be different. “

On QB Jonah Johnson’s performance:
“The way Jonah ran the ball tonight really lengthened some drives because we didn’t pass well enough to help him. He was making moves and if we had to use an inexperienced QB against this defense it would be been a disaster. Jonah’s experience, his ability to run and how he can check us into the proper pass protection were great tonight. I thought he played very well. The ball losses were his big nemesis today. If you get fired, you can’t He’s going to get better. We really didn’t shove the ball that deep into the field tonight because Hawaii is playing a lot of two deep safes which they did most of the night. If teams do that, there isn’t you have to the opportunity to throw the ball deep into the field. He made some nice outside comebacks tonight. And then the weather in the third quarter made a big difference. throwing the ball deep into the field, really restricted. “

WR Jared Wyatt:
“It’s more a matter of execution. You know, a lot of the games we’ve played are really explosive in the first half. And you know, we go into half with a big wave and then right then … the second half starts, we just get complacent. The second half we shoot each other in the foot a lot. We just have to keep working on that in practice every day. And it will translate into the game, but I mean, it’s not something they do we do more of what we do. We only do things aggressively that we are simply not used to. “

On his 53 yard reception:
“It was just a little weird. We caught them in the perfect coverage and Coach Martin chose the perfect game and it all came down to the implementation. It was a big game and we love it. But we just want to win.”

The Aggies open the longest street swing of the season (three games) next Saturday in San Jose State. The kick-off from the Bay Area is scheduled for 8:30 p.m. mountain time. Fans can watch the game on NBC California.

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