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Most UNM students, staff and faculty meet the VAX deadline

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Most of the faculties, staff, and students at the University of New Mexico have met the university’s midnight deadline for mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations.

The data will continue to be fed into the UNM’s system, but by 3:00 p.m. Friday, 98% of faculty on the Albuquerque campus had been confirmed vaccinated, as had 89% of staff and more than 87% of students.

Nine faculty members on the Albuquerque campus, 137 staff and 663 students have not submitted their vaccination or exemption status to the UNM vaccination portal.

“We depend on individuals to know who to work with,” said Cinnamon Blair, UNM’s chief marketing and communications officer. “We no longer cast a wide net.

“Some people are pending, still trying to check things out. Some new hires might be trying to catch up. There could be students working remotely (from across the state or outside of the state) who have not completed their exemption forms. “

Those who continue to refuse vaccinations or receive approved exemptions for religious, medical, or remote work status will face consequences.

In the case of employees, this is a non-disciplinary dismissal, i.e. the loss of their job for reasons other than misconduct.

The process for non-compliant faculty members differs based on the person’s employment or contract status, but results can range from unpaid suspension to termination.

Blair said these actions take weeks, not months.

Students who will not be vaccinated, including those with waivers, are required to submit weekly medically validated COVID-19 tests to the UNM Vaccine Verification Agency. The first test result must be submitted by October 8th 11:59 pm.

Students who fail to comply and fail to submit the weekly tests will be de-registered from university on or after November 5 and denied for future semesters, Blair said.

All students without vaccinations or exceptions will be refused enrollment in the spring semester and beyond.

“A lot of care and thought has gone into the policies and mechanisms and the consequences,” said Blair. “We tried very, very hard to make it clear what was going to happen and why.”

Less than a third of NMSU students submit proof of vaccination

The campus community must be vaccinated or undergo weekly tests …

The vaccination mandate also applies to the UNM’s Health Sciences Center and the Gallup, Los Alamos, Taos and Valencia campuses. Including Health Sciences, Albuquerque campus, and branch offices, 96% of faculty, 91% of staff, and 82% of students have confirmed vaccinations.

“I think we did really well,” said Blair. “We made this a cultural expectation that we should take care of each other. Students thrive in a personal environment, and that’s how we support it. “

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