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NewMexico.Run helps mix local business with the pleasure of running

Roman Gurule says one of his favorite places to run are the volcanoes just west of Albuquerque. (Courtesy of Roman Gurule)

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Roman Gurule is one to get out in nature and run.

While he’s logging his weekly miles, Gurule takes the time to take in his surroundings, oftentimes taking copious notes.

After tons of research, he started NewMexico.Run.

“The impetus for NewMexico.Run comes from coupling my love for running and wanting to do my small part to help contribute to the state’s success. New Mexico already has the complete infrastructure in place to do this including truly amazing trails, major interstates, an international airport, and best in class businesses including lodging, restaurants and coffee shops to name a few,” he says. “More importantly, and maybe I’m biased, but I believe New Mexicans are some of the most amazing, friendly and hard working people around which is an incredible resource an industry like this. To the best of my knowledge, NewMexico.Run is the first in the nation site like this. It will continually be built out and enhanced to ensure it’s always a premium experience for runners whether they are planning a high altitude running adventure or are already here in the state but are looking for some cool stuff to augment their running.”

Gurule’s grand vision for NewMexico. Run entails several things.

He wants to cultivate the running industry in New Mexico so that it can generate new revenue for local businesses ranging from local coffee shops to local shops to our local races.

New Mexico native Roman Gurule created the website NewMexico. Run to bring together runners and businesses. (Courtesy of Roman Gurule)

“I want to showcase just how beautiful New Mexico is and why people want New Mexico to be their top destination for outdoor fitness. I want to make a real impact in improving New Mexico’s health outcomes both short term and long term,” he says. “Last but certainly not least, I want to use running (and fitness in general) to help empower underprivileged youth in New Mexico and provide a viable alternative to drinking and drugs. Things we take for granted such as a pair of running shoes, are often not available to at-risk kids so it’s a matter of helping figure out ways to get them the proper tools so they can get out with their peers, feel good about it , and hopefully stay on the right track. To sum it all up, I want to do my part to help make a better New Mexico.”

Gurule was born in Las Vegas, NM, and raised in Pojoaque. He got interested in running while in high school where he was coached by Allan Lockridge and mentored by Sen. Ben Ray Luján.

“It is because of them that I was able to find success in the sport,” he says. “After high school, I kept running but never anything serious. Then about 8 years ago I checked out a couple of runs with the Montgomery County Road Runners Club – Experienced Marathon Program in the DC area. I had such a great time that I went from swearing I’d never run a marathon to training and completing my first one. Unfortunately, I missed a Boston Qualifier Time (BQ) by a couple of minutes due to being on the DC happy hour circuit. I found this unacceptable and upon evaluation of where I failed, I ditched the IPA’s and went all in on running and the stuff that augments it such as strength training, yoga, rest and nutrition. My running improved significantly and I lead a lifestyle of fitness and wellness.”

Gurule says he’s running for fun now and logs about 40 miles per week with no real goal except to enjoy life on the trail.

“This has allowed me to check out so many cool places in Albuquerque such as the Albuquerque Volcanoes, the Los Poblanos Open Space and its adjacent acequias, Placitas and a bunch more,” he says. “During marathon training it gets closer to 50 miles per week with a peak of about miles. Almost all of those miles are specific including speedwork on the track, tempo runs and long runs.”

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