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NM WFO ALBUQUERQUE Warnings, Watches, and Advisories | Ap

WFO ALBUQUERQUE Warnings, Watches and Advisories for Sunday, June 12, 2022

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kAm%96 [email protected][email protected]:?8 >6DD286 😀 EC2?D>:EE65 2E E96 C6BF6DE @7 E96 }6H |6I:[email protected]^Am

kAms6A2CE>6?ED @7 w62=E9 2?5 t?G:[email protected]?>6?E[ &?:E65 $E2E6D [email protected] $6CG:46k^Am

kAm2?5 E96 x?E6C286?4J (:=5=2?5 u:C6 p:C “F2=:EJ #[email protected]?D6 [email protected]>]k^Am

kAmY (wp%]]]}6H |:5?:89E u:C6 😕 #:@ pCC:32 [email protected]?EJ 😀 3FC?:?8 2E E96 6586k^Am

[email protected] AC:G2E6 =2?5D 😕 [email protected]@ [email protected]?](:?5D H:== 36 @FE @7 E96 H6DEk^Am

[email protected] [email protected] H:E9 DFDE2:?65 H:?5D [email protected]?5 `b >A9 [email protected] [email protected]:3=J 42FD6k^Am

cAmD>@<6 [email protected] 5C:7E :[email protected] %[email protected] [email protected]?EJ 2?5 7FCE96C [email protected]] $>@<6 [email protected]> ?6Hk^Am

kAm7:C6D 😕 H6DE6C? 2C62D @7 E96 DE2E6 2?5 E96 [email protected] =2C86DE 7:C6D H:==k^Am

kAmE6?5 [email protected] 5C:7E [email protected] E96 [email protected] [email protected] E96 C6>2:?56C @7 E96k^Am

[email protected]@? 2?5 6G6?:?8]{:89E 2?5 >@C6 G2C:23=6 H:?5 [email protected]?5:E:@?Dk^Am

kAm6IA64E65 😕 E96 G:4:?:EJ @7 E96 q=24< u:C6] $:8?:7:42?E :>A24ED [email protected]>k^Am

kAm?6H 2?5 C6D:5F2= D>@<6 H:== 36 [email protected]=:K65 2?5 :? [email protected] [email protected]:>:EJ [email protected]^Am

kAm:?5:G:5F2= 7:C6D [email protected] $F?52J >@C?:?8]}6H 7:C6D 42FD65 3J C646?Ek^Am

kAm=:89E?:?8 24E:G:EJ >2J [email protected] [email protected]?EC:3FE6 255:E:@?2= D>@<6 [email protected] C68:@?2=k^Am

kAm2:CD965D [email protected]:?8 :[email protected] $F?52J 2D [email protected] 2?5 5CJ [email protected]?5:E:@?D [email protected]>:?2E6]k^Am

kAmY (wt#t]]]$:8?:7:42?ED>@<6 :>A24ED H:== 36 =>42=:K65 [email protected] [email protected]:@?Dk^Am

[email protected] %[email protected][ [email protected]? vC2?E[ 2?5 H6DE6C? $:6CC2 [email protected]?E:6D] t=D6H96C6[k^Am

kAm3C:67 >@56C2E6 :>A24ED 2C6 6IA64E65 2E E:>6D 36EH66? E96 #:@ vC2?56k^Am

kAm’2==6J 2?5 [email protected]?E:?6?E2= s:G:56[ 3FE H:56DAC625 F?962=E9J [email protected]?5:E:@?Dk^Am

kAm2C6 [email protected] 6IA64E65] |@C6 56E2:=D 2?5 =2E6DE 2:C BF2=:EJ :[email protected]>2E:@?k^Am

kAm42? 36 [email protected]?5 2E k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^7:C6]2:[email protected]][email protected]^^7:C6]2:[email protected]][email protected]^2m]k^Am

kAmY (wt}]]]%9:D 6G6?:?8 [email protected] 2E =62DE ` !| |s% $F?52J[ yF?6 `aE9]k^Am

kAmY x|!pr%$]]]%[email protected] H:E9 [email protected]?5:E:@?D DF49 2D 2DE9>2[ [email protected]?:4 @3DECF4E:G6k^Am

kAmAF=>@?2CJ 5:D62D6[ :?E6CDE:E:2= =F?8 5:D62D6[ =F?8 42?46C[ 2?5 962CEk^Am

kAm5:D62D6 H:== 36 6DA64:2==J GF=?6C23=6 [email protected] :>A24ED [email protected]> [email protected]@C 2:Ck^Am

kAmBF2=:EJ[ 2D H:== 25F=ED @G6C 286 ed[ [email protected]?8 49:=5C6?[ 2?5 AC68?2?Ek^Am

[email protected]>6? :7 D>@<6 [email protected]?46?EC2E:@?D [email protected]>6 F?962=E9J]k^Am

kAmY wtp{%wx}u~#|p%x~}]]]#6>6>36C[ [email protected] 6J6D 2C6 [email protected] 36DE [email protected]@=D [email protected]^Am

kAm56E6C>:?6 :7 :E 😀 D276 [email protected] 36 @FED:56] &D6 E96 db` |[email protected] 2G2:=23=6k^Am

kAm2E k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^?>EC24<:?8][email protected]]?>][email protected]^6?G:[email protected]?>6?E^2:C^u:C6p?5$>@<6]9E>=Qm9EEADi^^?>EC24<:?8][email protected]]?>][email protected]^6?G:[email protected]?>6?E^2:C^u:C6p?5$>@<6]9E>=k^2m]k^Am

kAmx7 G:D:3:=:EJ :Dik^Am

kAm&?56C d >:=6D[ E96 2:C BF2=:EJ 😀 F?962=E9J [email protected] [email protected]?8 49:=5C6?[k^Am

kAm25F=ED @G6C 286 ed[ AC68?2?E [email protected]>6?[ 2?5 [email protected]=6 H:E9 962CEk^Am

kAm2?5^@C =F?8 5:D62D6[ 2DE9>2 @C @E96C C6DA:[email protected] :==?6DD]k^Am

[email protected]@C 24E:G:EJ [email protected]=5 36 >:?:>:K65]k^Am

[email protected]?5 b >:=6D[ [email protected]?8 49:=5C6?[ 25F=ED @G6C 286 ed[ AC68?2?Ek^Am

[email protected]>6?[ 2?5 [email protected]=6 H:E9 962CE 2?5^@C =F?8 5:D62D6[ 2DE9>2 @C @E96Ck^Am

kAmC6DA:[email protected] :==?6DD [email protected]=5 [email protected]:5 2== @[email protected]@C 24E:G:E:6D]k^Am

[email protected]?5 ` >:=6[ E96 2:C BF2=:EJ 😀 F?962=E9J [email protected] [email protected]?6] [email protected]=6k^Am

[email protected]=5 C6>2:? :[email protected]@CD 2?5 [email protected]:5 2== @[email protected]@C 24E:G:E:6D :?4=F5:?8k^Am

kAmCF??:?8 6CC2?5D]&?=6DD 2? 6G24F2E:@? 92D 366? :DDF65[ DE2J :?D:56k^Am

[email protected] [email protected]>6[ :[email protected]@C [email protected]

kAm(:E9 E96 @[email protected]:?8 r~’xs`h A2?56>:4 27764E:?8 }6H |6I:[email protected] 2?5 H:E9 E96k^Am

kAmH:=57:C6 [email protected]? F?56CH2J[ }6H |6I:42?D H:== ?665 [email protected] E2<6 6IEC2k^Am

kAmAC642FE:@?D] $>@<6 [email protected]> H:=57:C6D >2J 42FD6 [email protected]=6 [email protected] 92G6 >@C6k^Am

kAmD6G6C6 C624E:@?D :7 E96J 2C6 :?764E65 r~’xs`h]%96 36DE H2J [email protected]^Am

[email protected] 282:?DE E96 [email protected]?E:2==J 92C>7F= 67764ED @7 H:=57:C6 D>@<6 2?5k^Am

[email protected] C65F46 E96 DAC625 @7 r~’xs`h :[email protected] DE2J [email protected]>6 2?5 4C62E6 2 4=62?k^Am

kAm:[email protected]@C 2:C DA246]}|s~w @776CD E:AD 96C6ik^Am

kAmk2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^?>EC24<:?8][email protected]]?>][email protected]^6?G:[email protected]?>6?E^2:C^[email protected]@C”F2=:EJ]9E>=Qm9EEADi^^?>EC24<:?8][email protected]]?>][email protected]^6?G:[email protected]?>6?E^2:C^[email protected]@C”F2=:EJ]9E>=k^2m 2?5k^Am

kAmk2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^4G]?>962=E9]@C8Qm9EEADi^^4G]?>962=E9]@C8k^2mk^Am

kAm}6H |6I:42?DH:== [email protected] ?665 [email protected] E2<6 DE6AD [email protected] <66A E96:C [email protected]>6D [email protected]@= [email protected]^Am

[email protected]:5 962EC6=2E65 :==?6DD6D]}|s~w @776CD E:AD 96C6ik^Am

kAmk2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^?>EC24<:?8][email protected]]?>][email protected]^962=E9^4=:>2E6^w62Ex==?6DD]9E>=Qm9EEADi^^?>EC24<:?8][email protected]]?>][email protected]^962=E9^4=:>2E6^w62Ex==?6DD]9E>=k^2m]k^Am

[email protected]>@<6 [email protected] @[email protected]@ E96 x?E6C286?4J (:=5=2?5 u:C6 p:Ck^Am

kAm”F2=:EJ #[email protected]?D6 [email protected]> A=62D6 G:D:Eik^Am

kAmk2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^@[email protected]@@<6]?6EQm9EEADi^^@[email protected]@@<6]?6Ek^2m]k^Am


[email protected]:89E a_aa p44F(62E96Ck^Am

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