Ledes from the Land of Enchantment

NM’s 2nd district has a strong voice in Congress

It’s no secret American oil and gas is under attack by the Biden administration and Democrats in Congress, but in the West, we understand that energy production is the foundation for our way of life and provides for the economic and energy security of America.

As members of the Congressional Western Caucus, a group of nearly 80 members of Congress who advocate for common-sense energy and natural resources policies in our nation’s capital, we understand the impacts decisions made by the federal government have on rural communities throughout the United States . Perhaps nowhere is this more evident right now than here in New Mexico.

From diverse landscapes and a rich tribal heritage to severe drought and massive swaths of public lands, there is no shortage of federal presence in the Land of Enchantment. New Mexico is also at the forefront of ensuring the American people – and our allies abroad – have access to reliable, affordable energy.

Rep. Yvette Herrell, who serves as a vice chair of the Western Caucus, invited us to her district to see this region and hear from her constituents firsthand.

As the Biden administration seeks to limit or eliminate oil and gas production on federal lands, it is increasingly apparent that – while all of the United States feels the impacts of a weakened energy supply chain, from rising gas prices to rolling blackouts – New Mexico’s challenges will be even further exasperated.

In fact, with approximately 40% of the state’s budget deriving from oil and gas revenues, New Mexicans – particularly those in the 2nd Congressional District – play a critical role in both strengthening our nation’s energy security and ensuring a robust economy for the state.

This week, we are in New Mexico to hear about the state’s energy sector directly. In addition to learning about collaborative land management and locally-led conservation, we will be meeting with local energy producers, visiting the New Mexico Natural Gas Technical Training Facility, and touring Sandia National Laboratories.

Thanks to assistance from the incredible research and innovation occurring at our nation’s research institutions like Sandia, investments by energy companies to ensure the United States is the global leader in emissions reduction, and rural communities’ strong dedication to a healthy environment, the men and women of the US energy industry produce the cleanest oil and natural gas in the world.

We know this production not only benefits our allies around the globe, but it ensures that local communities have funding for infrastructure projects, public schools and public safety initiatives. It is these stories that are too often ignored in the energy discussion, and it is these stories that we want to take back to Washington, DC

From day one of her freshman term, Rep. Herrell has worked to lift the voices of local governments and school districts across the state in the face of budget uncertainty stemming from the administration’s attack on domestic production. She has utilized her role as vice ranking member on the House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources to step up as a champion for New Mexico’s interests in Congress.

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While Western Caucus members have advocated for strong domestic energy production because it is critical for our national security, we also recognize it is these communities – in New Mexico and throughout rural America – who will suffer most if the far left achieves its goal of eliminating the oil and gas industry and perpetuating the Green New Deal agenda.

Rep. Herrell has worked tirelessly to defend the way of life in her district, ensure the voices of New Mexicans are heard and unleash American energy dominance. We are proud to join her, in her district, to do the same.

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