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On this Mother’s Day, Las Cruces mother and son celebrate unique bond

EL PASO, TX – For one Las Cruces mother bring your child to work day is everyday.

When school was moved online, it only meant an opportunity for Jessica Torres to spend more time with her son, while teaching him important life lessons.

First grader, Justin, works with his mom at Quality of Life Services while he attends the Las Cruces Public Schools Virtual Learning Academy.

The 7-year-old occupies the same office just feet apart.

When he is not attending class, Justin learns the importance of chores at the office, doing tasks like sweeping, taking out the trash, and cleaning table tops.

Torres said being a mother is something she’s been wanting to do since she can remember.

She said she is blessed and being a single mom, she counts her blessings that her job allows her son to be by her side in the workplace.

She said they are a team, and she wouldn’t want to spend everyday with anyone else.

“He’ll tell me, you know what we’re going to go through hard stuff mommy, but you and me together were going to get through it and there’s going to be better days and you’re going to see what god has planned for us, and you’ll just watch and I’m his biggest cheerleader and I feel that he is my biggest inspiration,” said Torres.

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