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On WIPP, New Mexicans aren’t being protected | Letters To Editor

I am appalled that the New Mexico Department of the Environment has approved the construction of the additional shaft on the nuclear waste dump called the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant. This shaft is obviously being built so that WIPP can hold more waste than is legally permitted. The Department of Energy’s claim that it is for a different purpose makes no sense and has been proven to be incorrect. New Mexicans should know that the Department of Energy has asked the Environment Department Hearing Officer to prevent participants opposed to the new manhole from using the words “WIPP Extension” to oppose the digging of this manhole. Our First Amendment right to tell those in power the truth is being abolished so that the bureaucrats can control the results. As long as the state Department of the Environment refuses to protect us as it should and instead protects the federal government from violating state and federal laws, we are at risk by every decision it makes.

A creeping threat remains in our midst. It’s bloated with toxins and constantly expelling bile. We know this monster. We have seen a deluge of damage countless times that it leaves behind. Enough is never enough for this culprit, and so it seems to be corroding from the inside out – all over again. The orange ogre is frantically angry in the wings, driven by delusions and fueled by fear. Fear of no longer being the center of attention; Attention giving oxygen to this animal and its desperate, dark confusion. Be afraid, be vigilant. Resist. What should never have happened must never happen again. The fabric of our democratic republic is in limbo. Leave the dishonored man-child, the would-be autocrat in humiliated exile forever. Crush the beast or let its mouth of saliva devour you. Ignore him and let him rest in his own pile of putrid, narcissistic crap. Facts and logic will not affect its base. Do not make the effort. Rather, mobilize future turnout to make sure we don’t end democracy in America. This glorious government experiment cannot survive a second term with an ill-informed, incompetent, and vile fool.

At the beginning of the article (“State Issues Crisis Standards for Nursing”, October 19), Dr. David Scrase, acting secretary of the Department of Health, said “the core of this crisis is the shortage of nurses”. He cited “other factors at play including large numbers of patients flooding hospitals with non-COVID-related diseases”. Towards the end of the article, Jennifer Vosburgh, Associate Chief Nurse Officer at the University of New Mexico Hospital, says the current COVID-19 cases are not as high as they were last winter. But then she says: “We have to get our COVID cases under control immediately.” We are also hearing again from the Ministry of Health that “… the number of COVID patients – almost all of whom are unvaccinated – shows an exacerbation of staff and resource shortages …”, which Dr. Scrase’s statement directly contradicts that nothing to do with COVID cases inundating hospitals. It’s all very confusing.

to the basics of democracy

who, by deception and dishonorable intention

try to pollute the path to freedom

with the ruins of their depravity.

Yet no strong voice comes down

to reveal such an outline

how it sweeps across the nation.

It’s your nation and mine

and everyone; it’s our lifestyle

they try to dismantle, to deconstruct.

Your reprehensible pursuit leads

to an end, even if they can’t imagine:

What a terrible experience flying from Santa Fe was earlier this month. I spent 18 hours at different airports when I should have been at my destination in six hours – 18 hours, yes, you read that right. This trip was scheduled at 7:15 a.m. from Santa Fe to Cincinnati, Ohio. I was trying to come to a funeral for someone I love who lost their twin brother. I arrived at the airport at 6:10 am and the security line was in front of the Hertz rental desk. Instead of standing in line, I sat on my bench and waited for the line to shorten. At the same time, airport staff allowed about 10 people to “cut the queue” to board the Denver United flight. The airport staff were not tough enough to get the remaining people through security. I finally made it and they closed the flight with three people for boarding. They just closed the flight. I didn’t run to the gate; I wasn’t late at the airport. They put me on standby for Dallas but didn’t give me a ticket for the Dallas to Cincinnati flight. The flight turned out to be oversold so I landed in Austin, Texas. I finally got to Cincinnati at 1 a.m. Three people still had to get on. The three of us? To say that I am disappointed is extremely underlined.

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