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Organization demands Albuquerque rent freeze

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – There’s been a big spike in the price of rent since last year. A local organization says the increase is forcing New Mexicans out on the street. Now they’re trying to stop rent from going up even more.

The Peoples Housing Project, who also campaigned against a $50 million bond, that would help fund a stadium for New Mexico United… is going to appear at tomorrow evening’s city council meeting to demand rent control.

Cities with the most expensive homes in New Mexico

“Housing is a basic thing that people need to survive. And right now we’re giving landlords all the power to raise it as much as possible it has an effect on everything,” said Anna Lee Desaulniers, an Organizer for the Peoples Housing Project.

In a record high market, the increase in monthly rates is making it hard for some to find affordable homes to rent. Back in June KRQE told viewers a two bedroom apartment in New Mexico is averaging $1,400 a month, that’s up 22 percent from last year . In Albuquerque, the average rent for a two bedroom is $1,100. Right now, New Mexico law prohibits rent control at the state and local levels.

Members of the grassroots organization, Peoples Housing Project have been going door to door talking to people about their housing situation. They say most of the people they speak to are stressed about housing insecurity. That’s why they’re demanding rent control.

“We are going to go to city council and go to Mayor Tim Keller and demand some action. We’re sick of knocking on doors and hearing about elders who are scared they’re going to be homeless. We have to protect them. And we have to do something about it. And these people are tasked with being our representatives and that’s why we’re going to demand action,” said Desaulniers.

Apartment rent rates at record high in Albuquerque, up 22% this year

During Monday nights council meeting, they’re going to ask Mayor Tim Keller to use his executive powers to declare a public health emergency because they believe the lack of affordable housing is an emergency. They’ll also be demanding an immediate rent freeze.

The group will be gathering at the Albuquerque Liberation Center because city council is not allowing in person meetings.

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